lunate (bone)

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lu·nate (bone)

bone in the proximal row of the carpus between the scaphoid and triquetral; it articulates with the radius, scaphoid, triquetral, hamate, and capitate.
Synonym(s): os lunatum [TA], lunare, os intermedium
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Gli incontri con misteriosi abitanti del paesaggio lunare attraversato da Silvinia e dalle compagne sono come viaggi brevi nell'ignoto, sorprendenti occasioni di nuove conoscenze suscitate dalla stupita innocenza delle bambine.
I vestiti e gli oggetti della ragazza, abbandonati sul prato, sono gia "spazzatura", inutili e ingombranti di fronte alla dimensione lunare.
Over in Dallas, TITAS hosts the contemporary Afro-Brazilian-style Grupo Corpo in a premiere October 24-25, and the Spanish flamenco dance and music troupe De Lunares in a premiere November 14-15.
Aditi Mangaldas' Dance Company blends the fluid movements of Kathak and Chhau with yoga (Aug 19); there is the breathtaking artistry of Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia (Aug 21); the vigorous passion of Du Lunares Flamenco (Aug 25) and the fast moving footwork of The National Dance Company of Ireland (Aug 26).
Tiny cowboy hat perched atop his head, Cowboy insists that he cannot go to bed until he finds his toys: el osito Texas, el perrito Denver, and el caballito Lunares.
AS THE NEW CEO OF METAL DESIGN COMPANY Lunares, Sebastian Herald's mission to grow the brand will be achieved by cultivating the artistic vision of.
Lunares, a San Francisco-based company that offers decorative, oversized alternative metal pieces out of recycled aluminum, introduced a line of serving pieces on pedestals (though not from recycled materials) called Rising to the Occasion, to offer consumers a way to add height and drama to a buffet spread.
Tailored for a boy or girl, each baby box includes colorful printed socks from Happy Socks, a cozy muslin mate security blanket and baby mum + bub soothing ointment from Aden & Anais, ergonomic Spuni spoons, a collectable silver Lunares piggy bank, and a classic Pat the Bunny gift set.
com / Finding Nima: Lunares designer Nima Oberoi adds natural textures to polished metal serveware.
Notable new gift and home decor resources--in both showrooms and temporary exhibit spaces--for the summer market are: Colonial Tin Works, Couleur Nature, Honey & Me, Kalaty Rug Corp, Lunares, Sabre, Thomp-son's Candles and Vest & Associates.