lunar periodicity

lu·nar per·i·o·dic·i·ty

any rhythmic phenomenon that follows a lunar or monthly cycle.
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In combination, these results indicate that daily changes in moonlight that occur over the lunar cycle are essential for maintaining normal lunar periodicity of clock gene transcription, and this may play a role in regulating spawn timing.
During fall and winter moon cycles, no consistent effect of lunar periodicity was noted for activity and depth use, suggesting other factors besides moon phase affect activity and depth use.
The main goal of the current study was to investigate the performance of the domestic longline fishery at Reunion Island with regard to several variables to determine whether lunar periodicity affected the catch of pelagic species.
Lunar periodicity in human reproduction: A likely unit of biological time.
Salini J Brewer D Farmer M and Jones P (2001) Lunar periodicity of prawns and by-catch in trawls from the Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia.
Two studies that used different methods reached different conclusions about the lunar periodicity of settlement by T.
Lunar periodicity and bioluminescence of swarming Odontosyllis luminosa (Polychaeta: Syllidae) in Belize.
Lunar periodicity may not influence the feeding activity of largemouth bass in the predictable manner suggested by solunar calendars.
Muller (Gaudette et al, 2006) provide evidence of lunar periodicity in some species (reviewed by Pearse, 1975).