lunar periodicity

lu·nar per·i·o·dic·i·ty

any rhythmic phenomenon that follows a lunar or monthly cycle.
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The main goal of the current study was to investigate the performance of the domestic longline fishery at Reunion Island with regard to several variables to determine whether lunar periodicity affected the catch of pelagic species.
Beyond an interest in understanding the influence of lunar periodicity and operational factors on the behavior of large pelagic fishes, these potential mechanisms are also of interest to fishermen, and our results also have implications for current and future fishing practices.
To cherry-pick a few perhaps arbitrary examples, I was most intrigued by documentation of a 9-year population cycle, which coincides with a lunar periodicity, and occurred in both rural and suburban owls.
Lunar periodicity in human reproduction: A likely unit of biological time.
Salini J Brewer D Farmer M and Jones P (2001) Lunar periodicity of prawns and by-catch in trawls from the Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia.
4B) shows a lunar periodicity in the numbers of species caught.
Lunar periodicity of arriving settlers has been well documented in some reef fish species; greatest recruitment usually occurs at the darkest phase of the moon (Victor, 1986; Thorrold et al.