lunar caustic

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tough·ened sil·ver ni·trate

silver nitrate mixed with silver chloride and allowed to dry. Usually applied to the ends of small wooden applicator sticks or made available as pencils. These are used after wetting as a caustic chemical for the removal of warts and as local hemostatics.

lunar caustic

Silver nitrate in the form of sticks used in cauterization.

Argent nitriticum

A homeopathic remedy formulated from acanthite, a silver nitrate. Argent nitriticum is used for fear and anxiety linked to an overactive imagination; it evokes sweating and palpitations, and it may be used to treat nervous bowel, pulsating headaches, uterine prolapse, menstrual dysfunction and conjunctivitis.


1. burning or corrosive; destructive to tissue.
2. having a burning taste.
3. a corrosive or escharotic agent.

caustic bush
sarcostemmaaustrale, S. viminale.
bottle tree caustic
caustic creeper
euphorbiadrummondii, sarcostemmaviminale.
lunar caustic
toughened silver nitrate.
caustic pencil
see silver nitrate (toughened).
caustic plant
caustic potash
potassium hydroxide.
caustic soda
sodium hydroxide.
caustic treated grain
grain treated with caustic to improve its digestibility; can cause abomasal ulcer and interstitial nephritis in cattle.
caustic treated roughage
roughage treated with caustic to improve its digestibility; can cause interstitial nephritis when fed to cows over long periods.
caustic vine
sarcostemmaaustrale, S. viminale. Called also caustic bush.
caustic weed