luminous intensity

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lu·mi·nous in·ten·si·ty (I),

the luminous flux per unit solid angle in a given direction.

lu·mi·nous in·ten·si·ty

(I) (lū'mi-nŭs in-ten'si-tē)
The luminous flux per unit solid angle in a given direction.
Synonym(s): radiant intensity.

intensity, luminous

Quotient of the luminous flux leaving the source, propagated in an element of solid angle containing the given direction, divided by the element of solid angle. Symbol: I. Unit: candela (CIE).
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Luminaire manufacturing tolerances and measurement uncertainties will limit the expected accuracy of the luminous intensity data to at best a few percent when applied to production luminaires.
The current SI is founded on the seven base quantities, assumed to be independent, time, length, mass, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, and luminous intensity, for which the SI base units are the second s, meter m, kilogram kg, ampere A, kelvin K, mole mol, and candela cd, respectively; see Table 1.
The durability and flexibility of solid-state, light emitting diode (LED) light sources permits them to be readily switched on and off and adjusted in luminous intensity through current control with no moving parts.
R30T consumes only 15W and emits luminous intensity equivalent to a 75W halogen lamp; R38T consumes 20W and emits luminous intensity equivalent to a 100W halogen lamp.
6 K/W (typical, LED only), a luminous intensity of 174.
RP-1 sets a maximum limit on luminous intensity for luminaires installed in office environments, as summarized in Table 1 [IES 2004].
The ability to test luminaires up to 30" x 30" for Luminous Intensity Distribution, with a new goniometer that allows testing of lamp tubes as long as 4 feet.
The IES makes strict recommendations for the maximum luminous intensity in units of candela.
Under the replacement plan, the government will choose Penghu County or Hsinchu County next year as the trial ground to test performances of the lights, including luminous intensity distribution and luminous lux, before the replacement plan kicks off.
The LED signals have been introduced in countries such as Germany, Turkey, Japan and South Africa and have significantly minimised traffic accidents due to their luminous intensity.
Unmatched thermal performance coupled with package interconnectivity allows Lamina to densely cluster multiple LEDs to achieve exceptionally high luminous intensity in very small footprints.
With a luminous intensity of up to 2000 mcd, the UW series can be used for indoor/outdoor displays or as indicators in appliances, automobiles, medical devices or industrial controls.