luminous flux

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lu·mi·nous flux

the quantity of light emitted from a point source in a given time; its unit is the lumen.

flux, luminous

Flow of light which produces a visual sensation. It is measured in lumens.
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For lay people who rarely deal with complex light distributions but rather with the point sources, luminous flux gives an idea of the overall amount of light emitted.
Estimation of efficiency of different luminaries may lead to erroneous assessment, because luminous flux is calculated using rather large area steps (0.
For the first selection (2008) the measurement results show that the difference in luminous flux between the LEDs is about 0.
The luminous flux [PHI] is described as how much energy the light brings to the surface area S of the body per 1 s.
panels of the overhead LED (technical characteristics: power consumption - 36-40 W, luminous flux not less than 2500 lm, color flow 6500K, size 1200 * 300 mm ( 10 mm) in quantity of 4 pcs.
The single chip LED provides a luminous flux of 80/100 lm at 48 V to 55 VDC in a color temperature of 3000/5700 K.
The larger sphere better integrates light for more reliable testing of a device's photometric and colorimetric performance with measurements of Total Spectral Flux, Luminous Flux, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Chromaticity.
Photometric quantities, such as luminous flux [International System of Units (SI) unit lumens], are designed as a realistic metric for human perception of light by appropriately accounting for the human eye's varying response as a function of wavelength.
Combining RadOMA-LED Spectroradiometers and Gamma Scientific Integrating Spheres, Spectral Sphere Systems produce highly repeatable and precise measurements of total luminous flux and total spectral flux.
The new models produce a light output of up to 2550 lumen (depending on the module), a luminous flux of up to 102 lm/W and a long service life of 40,000 operating hours at a service temperature of 80[degrees]C.