luminous flux

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lu·mi·nous flux

the quantity of light emitted from a point source in a given time; its unit is the lumen.
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flux, luminous

Flow of light which produces a visual sensation. It is measured in lumens.
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Secondly, I refer readers to the concept of zonal lumens in measuring luminous flux. The total lumens within a zone are the product of the average intensity in that zone multiplied by the zonal constant of that zone.
The WLEDs containing c-SCPhCs in 120 mA produced a CCT of 2960 K and exhibited a CRI of 80 and a luminous flux of 46.7 lm (5.6% more enhanced than that of the commercial w-WLEDs) without an increase in the concentration of the LuAG and CASN phosphors.
To find total luminous flux of light source it is necessary calculate integral of irradiance [E.sub.v]([lambda]) on whole sphere area
It is clearly seen that for the majority of the selection, the initial luminous flux is twice lower than the datasheet predicts.
If the luminous flux has equitable distribution then illumination of the surface is calculated as
Manufacturers are developing devices that offer higher luminous flux, longer lifetimes, greater chromaticity, and more lumens per Watt.
The larger sphere better integrates light for more reliable testing of a device's photometric and colorimetric performance with measurements of Total Spectral Flux, Luminous Flux, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Chromaticity.
Photometric quantities, such as luminous flux [International System of Units (SI) unit lumens], are designed as a realistic metric for human perception of light by appropriately accounting for the human eye's varying response as a function of wavelength.
GL-TL0606 brings with it a large improvement in luminous efficacy and luminous flux when compared to T8 or T5 fluorescent fixtures.
The single chip LED provides a luminous flux of 80/100 lm at 48 V to 55 VDC in a color temperature of 3000/5700 K.