luminous flux

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lu·mi·nous flux

the quantity of light emitted from a point source in a given time; its unit is the lumen.

flux, luminous

Flow of light which produces a visual sensation. It is measured in lumens.
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The difference between the lowest and highest value of the luminous flux is about 0.
Photometric quantities, such as luminous flux [International System of Units (SI) unit lumens], are designed as a realistic metric for human perception of light by appropriately accounting for the human eye's varying response as a function of wavelength.
The relationship between luminous flux and current density is a polynomial.
If a luminous flux of 100,000 lumen is supplied to the flashlight, it consumes 1000 watts of energy.
Lamp Shall Be Confirming To Following Parameters: I Luminous Flux In Lumens-32000 Minimum Ii Colour Rendering Index Cri -80 Or Better Iii Colour Temperature -4000 Degree K Or More.
GL-TL0606 brings with it a large improvement in luminous efficacy and luminous flux when compared to T8 or T5 fluorescent fixtures.
We reduced the luminous flux to around 50 percent and increased application efficiency by putting the light only where it was needed, which was on the pedestrian area and the architectural details," notes Moeck.
ProSource 10 ray set generation capabilities provide full user control over the number and angle of rays, total luminous flux, and ray origin.
Improving the quality and energy efficiency of public lighting, by changing the existing road lighting luminaire with accompanying infrastructure for LED luminaires equipped with control gear integrated into the system of reduction of luminous flux and complete road lighting LED equipped with a feeding system integrated with the system reduce the luminous flux together with the necessary accompanying infrastructure, with a connection to the existing power grid
In one we used a blue laser diode and yellow-emitting phosphor powder with a luminous flux of 252 lumens, which is comparable to current high-brightness white LEDs.
5W lamps have a stronger luminous flux than that of the 9W Vega Series lamps.
Luminous Flux (lm) - 300 ([+ or -]10%) with 3000K or 400 ([+ or -]10%) with 4000K or 480 ([+ or -]10%) with 6000K