luminous efficacy

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efficacy, luminous

The amount of light emitted by a lamp for each watt of power consumed. It is expressed in lumens/watt.
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In comparison to other normal LEDs, the Lodestar Series is able to maintain not only the heat dissipation function, luminous efficiency and right color rendering in 90 Celsius ambient temperature, but also top dust and water protection rating; IP68, to ensure the Lodestar Series is the best lighting solution choice for harsh environments and industrial locations.
Two classes, blue-yellow (tritan) or red-green, have been described but relative luminous efficiency and hue discrimination loss varies individually (see Table 3).
Lighting devices equipped with the high efficiency OLEDs are considered to achieve a luminous efficiency comparable to or higher than that of fluorescent lamps (approx.
We calculate that if you combine our enhanced quantum dots with the most efficient ultraviolet LED, the hybrid device would have a luminous efficiency of about 40 lumens/watt," reported James McBride, research assistant professor of chemistry who has been involved in the research from its inception.
But they have a lower luminous efficiency than the orange sodium ones.
In 1924 the CIE introduced the spectral luminous efficiency function V([lambda]) for photopic vision [CIE 1926], which is based on the responsivity of the cones.
Viera boosts luminous efficiency, and the IPS alpha panel offers the best viewing angle possible.
High luminous efficiency indicative of low power consumption.
In 1998 and 1999, UDC achieved new highs in luminous efficiency which seemed to bear out their theories.
Under laboratory conditions, the transparent white OLED prototype has achieved a luminous efficiency of more than 20 1m/W at a brightness of 1,000 cd/[m.
Only spectrally selective films with luminous efficiency constants over 1.