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efficacy, luminous

The amount of light emitted by a lamp for each watt of power consumed. It is expressed in lumens/watt.
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After a heap of examinations, ALTLED successfully developed "Lodestar Series - Heat-Resistant LED lights." In comparison to other normal LEDs, the Lodestar Series is able to maintain not only the heat dissipation function, luminous efficiency and right color rendering in 90 Celsius ambient temperature, but also top dust and water protection rating; IP68, to ensure the Lodestar Series is the best lighting solution choice for harsh environments and industrial locations.
The maximum luminance and maximum luminous efficiency of the device D is 2410 cd/m, 2.05 cd/A at 12 V, respectively.
Two classes, blue-yellow (tritan) or red-green, have been described but relative luminous efficiency and hue discrimination loss varies individually (see Table 3).
The PLEDs achieved a remarkably high current efficiency (from 11.65 to 27.16 cd A-1) and luminous efficiency (LE) (from 6.33 to 18.54 lm W-1).
In addition, a luminous efficiency of 110 lm/W has also been achieved with a device with a larger emitting area of 25 cm2.
The announcement by Citizen last October of an LED providing up to 17,675 lumens was significant therefore not so much because of the sheer light output, but because of its exceptional luminous efficiency. They are up to 40 percent more efficient than the manufacturer's existing products and achieve up to 155 lumens/Watt.
The LED A19-shaped light bulb can replace the ubiquitous 60W incandescent bulbs, also offering wider light distribution, higher luminous efficiency, better thermal management and superior performances over traditional incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs, achieved with high-efficiency flexible light modules for high luminous efficiency and high thermal conductive compound to solve cooling and reduce bulb weight.
The adoption of LED lights increases the luminous efficiency, and extends time between replacements/ maintenance, for having greater useful life.
The cool white GL-PL0606AD-CW achieves the maximum luminous efficiency for this series, 68 lumens per watt, with its cool 6000K illumination and a CRI of 70 or higher.
The general measure for the overall efficiency of lighting devices is called luminous efficiency and it measures the amount of visible light (lumens) a device produces per watt.
HuddsM: "It's said that 'the white lights improve the look of the place as well as being cheaper than the orange lighting.' "'These new lights can save energy and brass.' "But they have a lower luminous efficiency than the orange sodium ones.