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Plural of lumen.

lumina, luminal

See lumen.


(lu'men) plural.lumina [L., light]
1. The space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube.
2. A unit of light, the amount of light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one international candle. See: light unit; candela
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King has assisted Lumina in the development and direction of the metallurgical testing program for the Project, has visited Plenges laboratory in Lima to observe the testing program, and has reviewed and approved the content of this press release relating to the metallurgical testing.
The people in Coaticook "were really open to do something different," said Jonathan St-Onge, producer of the Moment Factory's Lumina projects.
Semper Lumina is a sustainable project of the Miguel de Benavides Library and the university archives in collaboration with UnionBank aiming at the preservation and sharing of the university's priceless collections to a wider world,' the Spanish Dominican friar explained.
AW Rostamani Lumina is the sole distributor of GE lighting in the UAE and provides energy efficient solutions for consumers and customers across a variety of different industries.
The Lumina HealthCare team will be offering a full range of mobile dentistry treatments to patients at the Pine View Center facility in Paradise, California, including diagnostic options such as oral cancer screenings and digital x-rays.
Lumina Royal Dragon Gold joins five previously launched highly chromatic Lumina Royal pigments including Aqua, Blue, Indigo, Magenta and Copper that are being widely adopted.
For Merisotis--the first in his immigrant family to graduate from college--the mission of the Lumina Foundation is nicely aligned with his lifelong work.
The Lumina Royal series of effect pigments can, for example, be used to produce products for the sport and leisure industries, such as skateboards, snowboards, and ski boots.
Lumina received the green light from city planners a year ago and would be built on vacant land between the head office of West Midlands Police and the Holiday Inn Express.
First Quantum Chairman and CEO Philip Pascall said, "The acquisition of Lumina is another step in First Quantum's long-stated objective of geographical diversification through the acquisition of world-class, early-stage copper assets.
In a statement released by the UN Human Rights Council on a speech given by Lumina in Geneva on Tuesday, the international expert called on creditors to cancel the Philippines' debt and to provide unconditional grant-aid instead of reconstruction loans in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
7 percent of working age Americans had at least a bachelor's or an associate degree, compared to 38 percent two years earlier, according to Census data compiled by Lumina.