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Plural of lumen.
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(lu'men) plural.lumina [L., light]
1. The space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube.
2. A unit of light, the amount of light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one international candle. See: light unit; candela
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A recent report by Lumina Foundation, titled "A Stronger Nation through Higher Education," cites an estimate by the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems that the U.S.
The sole agent for Lumina Business Park is the Liverpool office of CB Richard Ellis.
Schimke to "run them off the road" before the Lumina struck the Intrepid, first from behind, then from the side.
"I spotted the cyclist in the crosswalk (before the crash), but (the Lumina's driver) made a right turn as if she wasn't there and broadsided her."
Dar Lumina inseamna nu doar senzatia de a vedea (antimateria cere ochi, privire, vedere, constatare, determinare)--ci lumina este ceea ce inseamna, semnifica ea: lumina vede.
Periodic acid-Schiff and alcian blue (pH: 2.5) stains showed strongly positive mucin staining in the microcystic and tubular lumina, and they highlighted the fine cribriform spaces in the solid areas.
The AHA turned to Lumina because of its reputation in the Latino market.
As part of the project Martin Dawes has changed its name to Lumina. It has also launched a new service that provides online management over the Internet to the company's consumer customer base.
Inside, things have been updated with dual airbags and manual seatbelts which replace the awkward door-mounted seatbelts found currently in the Lumina.
The interior seating of the Lumina APV is flexible, and several combinations of bench and bucket seats are available.
Drilling of the main Cangrejos Deposit has concluded since Lumina's last news release with two in-fill holes (C19-127 and 129) and three step-out holes (C19-134, 138, and 140).
With the production laced with rock and hip-hop instrumentals, 'Light of the World' sees Lumina finesse her wordplay effortlessly whilst passing a meaningful message with each bar she spits, her commendable delivery makes each verse induce the listener's attention throughout the duration of the song.