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7,8,10-Trimethylisoalloxazine; a yellow photoderivative of riboflavin, bearing a methyl group in place of the ribityl; produced by ultraviolet irradiation of riboflavin in alkaline solution.
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Our study indicated that other photoproducts from riboflavin, such as lumiflavin, were also involved in the phototransformation of BaP under sunlight when riboflavin diminished.
Riboflavin, FMN, FAD, and lumiflavin were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Norway.
Electropherograms of a sample containing endogenous concentrations of riboflavin vitamers; a sample with added riboflavin, FMN, lumiflavin, and FAD (2 nmol/L each); and a sample containing 25% of the endogenous concentrations are shown in Fig.