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small intrinsic plantar muscles of the foot
  • origin from adjacent slips of flexor digitorum longus (FDL) tendon (three bipennate muscles), and from medial aspect of FDL tendon leading to second toe (one unipennate muscle)

  • insertion lumbrical tendon enters each lesser toe to medial aspect, to insert into base of proximal phalanx and extensor expansion

  • nerve supply first lumbrical: medial plantar nerve; second, third and fourth lumbricals: lateral plantar nerve

  • action weak flexion of lesser metatarsophalangeal joints; extension of lesser toe interphalangeal joints, i.e. balancing tension within extensor digitorum longus and flexor digitorum longus tendons; lumbrical dysfunction is associated with lesser-toe sagittal-plane deformities

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The deep branch curves around the hook of the hamate and turns radially across the interossei, supplying the hypothenar muscles, the ulnar two lumbricals, all the interossei, and the adductor pollicis.
A neurological examination demonstrated motor strength changes: 4/5 deltoid and supra and infraspinatus, 3/5 triceps, 1/5 biceps, 2/5 wrist flexion, 0/5 wrist and finger extension, 1/5 lumbricals and interossei, 0/5 abductor pollicis brevis and 3/5 adductor pollicis on the right.
Overuse syndrome can affect keyboard players at the wrist and finger extensors, the lumbricals (especially the fourth and fifth digits) of both hands, and the interossei of the right hand.