lumbosacral joint

lum·bo·sa·cral joint

the articulation of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum.
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The lumbar spine meets the sacrum at the lumbosacral joint (L5-S1).
It strengthens the lumbosacral joint and basically helps stabilize the spine on the pelvis.
That is, each lumbar joint angle is proportional to the lumbosacral joint angle according to representative ratios measured by White and Panjabi, thereby eliminating our need to independently control each lumbar segment with many muscle fascicles [25].
7[degrees]in axial twist at the lumbosacral joint [25].
The moment arm of the erector spinae does not change significantly at all lumbar joints between neutral and 45[degrees]of trunk flexion except at the lumbosacral joint, where the moment arm decreases by about 10 percent [32].
Although the lines of action of the psoas major are known to cause extension about some lumbar joints, all fascicles cause flexion about the lumbosacral joint [36].
1 N x m about the lumbosacral joint, in extended, erect, and flexed postures, respectively, compared with 13.
Each posture was generated by specifying the position of six DOFs in the legs and each of the three DOFs for the lumbosacral joint.
At the lumbosacral joint, essentially no moment was required to maintain trunk roll.
In the case of spinal postural distortion patterns, the underlying cause is often the posture of the pelvis; and in turn, the posture of the pelvis is determined by relative tone of the soft tissues that cross the hip and lumbosacral joints.