lumbosacral joint

lum·bo·sa·cral joint

the articulation of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum.
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Pelvic X-ray should be ordered and not of lumbosacral joint which will show abnormality.
The coronal facet orientation and lumbosacral joint angle may explain why traumatic lumbosacral spondylolisthesis occurs mostly on L5S1 level instead of other levels.
The lumbar spine meets the sacrum at the lumbosacral joint (L5-S1).
That is, each lumbar joint angle is proportional to the lumbosacral joint angle according to representative ratios measured by White and Panjabi, thereby eliminating our need to independently control each lumbar segment with many muscle fascicles [25].
Bai Hui Found on the dorsal midline, at the lumbosacral joint.
During the musculoskeletal assessment particular attention should concentrate on the hip rotators, hip flexors, hip adductors, hip extensors, sacroiliac joint function, lumbosacral joint function, leg lengths, upper body position, and general movement patterns.
This is especially true of the lumbar vertebrae, as the lumbosacral joint is the most frequent site of spinal pathologies.
Among these injuries there were characteristic concomitant transverse processes fracture2-6 of adjacent segments and according to the points of Herron4 and Roche PH6 the presence of transverse process fracture must result in the suspicion of associated traumatic lesions of the lumbosacral joint.
Each posture was generated by specifying the position of six DOFs in the legs and each of the three DOFs for the lumbosacral joint.
In the case of spinal postural distortion patterns, the underlying cause is often the posture of the pelvis; and in turn, the posture of the pelvis is determined by relative tone of the soft tissues that cross the hip and lumbosacral joints.
The lumbosacral joints are articulations formed by the intervertebral disc between the fifth lumbar vertebral body and the first sacral vertebral body.