lumbosacral angle

lum·bo·sa·cral an·gle

the angle between the long axis of the lumbar part of the vertebral column and that of the sacrum.
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There was no statistically significant difference between women and men regarding lumbar lordosis angle, sacro-horizontal angle and lumbosacral angle (p>0.05).
Thus, vertical posture is conserved.4 The lumbosacral angle (LSA) is one of such angles, and can be used in the investigation, treatment and follow-up of low back disorders.
[20] found out that the KA and CA significantly decreased in study group who received electrical stimulation on back muscles to improve trunk control; however, there was no change in the lumbosacral angle after the treatment.
Lumbar lordosis angle, sacral tilt, lumbosacral angle and lumbosacral disc angle were calculated on lateral standing lumbar radiographs.
[1] During the evolution of bipedal gait and erect posture, the lumbosacral part of vertebral column has undergone maximum modifications leading to the development of Lumbosacral angle (LSA).
Hamstring length was associated with lumbosacral angle (L5/S1) in the seated upright (p=0.03; CI: 27.18-30.19), drops (p=0.03; CI: 39.69-42.51) and brake lever positions (p=0.07; CI: 31.71-34.60).
Amonoo-Kuofi, "Changes in the lumbosacral angle, sacral inclination and the curvature of the lumbar spine during aging," Acta Anatomica, vol.
The lumbosacral angle (LSA) or slip angle is the angle between the lines on the superior endplates of L5 and S1.
[1,2] Its superior wide base articulates with fifth lumbar vertebra at lumbosacral angle and its blunted caudal apex articulates with coccyx.
Outside of this neutral zone, we modeled passive properties to vary linearly with the lumbosacral angle using stiffness coefficients reported by White and Panjabi: 1.28 N x m/[degrees]for extension, 1.0 N x m/[degrees] for flexion, 7.69 N x m/[degrees]for lateral bend, and 1.82 N x m/[degrees] for axial twist [25].
The lumbosacral angle doubled to 64[degrees] compared to our closest extant quadripedal cousin, the chimpanzee (Abitol, 1987).
The sacra, bone articulates with the coccyx caudally and the wide base which lies superiorly binds to the fifth lumbar vertebra and forms a lumbosacral angle. It is set obliquely and curved longitudinally, its dorsal surface being convex, the pelvic concave.