lumbar region

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a plane with more or less definite boundaries; called also regio. adj., adj re´gional.
abdominal r's the areas into which the anterior surface of the abdomen is divided, including the epigastric, hypochondriac (right and left), iliac (right and left), lumbar (right and left), hypogastric, and umbilical.
Nine abdominopelvic regions. From Applegate, 2000.
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AN region the area of the heart where the atrial fibers merge with the atrioventricular node.
anal region the part of the perineal region that surrounds the anus.
axillary region the area of the upper chest surrounding the axilla, lateral to the pectoral region.
epigastric region the abdominal region that is superior and central in location, above the umbilical region and between the two hypochondriac regions.
facial region that comprising the various anatomical regions of the face, divided into buccal (side of oral cavity), infraorbital (below eye), mental (chin), nasal (nose), oral (lips), orbital (eye), parotid (angle of jaw), and zygomatic (cheek bone) regions.
H region the area of the bundle of His from its connection with the atrioventricular node to its branching portion.
homology r's looped structures, comprising approximately 100 amino acid residues and fastened by disulfide bonds, that show similarities in primary structure from one region to another. They represent the building blocks or units of immunoglobulin molecules.
hypochondriac region either of the abdominal regions that are in superior lateral locations, one on the left (left hypochondriac region) and one on the right (right hypochondriac region) of the epigastric region; called also hypochondrium.
hypogastric region suprapubic region.
I region that part of the major histocompatibility complex where immune response genes are present.
iliac region inguen.
inframammary region the part of the pectoral region inferior to the breast, bordered inferiorly by the hypochondriac region of the abdomen.
inguinal region inguen.
lateral region either of the abdominal regions that are in central lateral locations, one to the left (left lateral region) and one to the right (right lateral region) of the umbilical region; called also flank and lumbar region.
lateral pectoral region the most lateral part of the pectoral region, bounded laterally by the axillary region.
lumbar region
1. the region of the back lying lateral to the lumbar vertebrae. See also loin.
mammary region the part of the pectoral region surrounding the mammary gland.
N region [nodal region] the region of the atrioventricular node consisting of the body of the node.
NH region [nodal-His region] the area where the atrioventricular node becomes the bundle of His.
pectoral region the aspect of the chest overlying the pectoralis major muscle, subdivided into the lateral pectoral, mammary, and inframammary regions.
pelvic region suprapubic region.
perineal region the region underlying the pelvic outlet, subdivided into the anal and urogenital regions.
precordial region the part of the anterior surface of the body covering the heart and the pit of the stomach.
presternal region the region of the thorax overlying the sternum, bounded laterally by the pectoral regions.
pubic region suprapubic region.
suprapubic region the abdominal region that is inferior and central in location, below the umbilical region and between the two iliac(inguinal) regions; called also hypogastric or pelvic region.
umbilical region the abdominal region that is most central in location, surrounding the umbilicus; it is bounded laterally by the two lateral or lumbar regions, superiorly by the epigastric region, and inferiorly by the suprapubic or hypogastric region.
urogenital region the part of the perineal region that surrounds the external genital organs and the urethral orifice,
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lum·bar re·gion

the region of the back lateral to the vertebral region and between the rib cage and the pelvis.
Synonym(s): regio lumbalis [TA]
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The lumbar region is often selected since it is close to the body center of mass in a standing posture.
Twenty-six (36.62%) of deaths in our study belonged to Head neck and face firearm injuries followed by thorax 19 (26.76 %) multiple regions 12 (16.90 %) abdomen and lumbar region 11 (15.50 %) and extremities three (4.22 %).
--Drawing the fourth line from previous point to spinal process of last vertebrae of lumbar region.
Performing the EBP while the patient is sitting is associated with a higher pressure in the lumbar region, which theoretically might hinder transfer of air intrathecally (18).
Colour Doppler study of right lumbar region showed a vascular malformation with dilated capillaries in dermis, subcutis and extending up to intercostal muscles (Figure 2).
The first cohort of three was treated in the cervical region and current cohort of three is receiving injections in the spinal cord's cervical and lumbar regions. The 18-patient trial concludes six months after the final surgery.
Case Description: A 20-year-old male with a history of spina bifida in the lumbar region, type II diabetes mellitus, solitary left kidney, neurogenic bladder and bowel, and chronic sacral decubiti presented to the emergency department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center with fever, nausea, and vomiting.
Obese patients tend to develop SEL in the lumbar region three times more often than the thoracic region although this was not the case in our patient.
Dr Farouk suspects stone formation when patients present to him with pain in the loin, or lumbar region, which is often severe and may be accompanied by blood in the urine.
"Following several tests, including a bone scan, it was found Voy Por Ustedes had sustained a fracture to his ilium wing [in the pelvic region] and was suffering significant pain in his lumbar region and left-hind stifle," a statement released by Simpson said.
"This condition is where four discs in the lumbar region of my spine have shrunk in such a way that they press against my central nervous system, causing me great pain when walking, sitting, and lying down.