lumbar puncture needle

lum·bar punc·ture nee·dle

a needle, provided with a stylet, for entering the spinal canal or cisterna magna, with a bore of at least 1 mm and 40 mm or more in length.
Synonym(s): spinal needle
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26 -- < 1% -- Dittmen et al in 1988 noted that there is universal consensus about the fact that the thicker the lumbar puncture needle higher could be the Incidence of post-dural puncture headache.
Lumbar puncture needle of 16 G was used for bone narrow aspiration and trephine biopsy was done by using 11
Davies, "Depth of insertion of a lumbar puncture needle," Archives of Disease in Childhood, vol.
"It's no good, we'll have to stop now." He put down his lumbar puncture needle and pushed his stool away from the bedside.
The apprentice HGV mechanic had gone to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham as part of his leukaemia treatment on January 4 to be given an injection of Cytosine via a lumbar puncture needle.
The mixture was force injected into the affected area with a 20-gauge lumbar puncture needle and an infusion pump.
* Lumbar punctures were performed by midline approach in L3-L4 intervertebral space in left lateral decubitus position under full aseptic precautions using the respective lumbar puncture needle. (Quincke needle in group B & Whitacre needle in group D)