lumbar myelogram

lum·bar my·e·lo·gram

most common study for herniated nucleus pulposus or intervertebral disc protrusion.
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Caption: Figure 1: Sagittal and axial CT lumbar myelogram images show a focal CSF leak from the posterolateral aspect of the thecal sac at L3-L4 level, with iodinated contrast accumulating posterior to the thecal sac (red arrows).
Even though lumbar myelograms and myelo-CT scans have great value for postsurgical cases, high tesla MRI imaging, magnetic resonance neurography, and interventional MR imaging provide greatly enhanced diagnostic capability for the evaluation of entrapment of the proximal sciatic nerve and its precedent neural elements.
Interventional procedures, such as peripherally inserted central catheter line placements, tunneled and nontunneled venous line placements, lumbar myelograms, arthrograms, and joint aspirations, are also procedures that an RPA could perform.