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A bushy perennial that is a rich source of vitamins C, D, E and K, which is used primarily as animal fodder, though health-food advocates have made many extravagant claims for its use, including cancer treatmnet; alfalfa is administered internally for alcoholism, caries and diabetes, as well as bladder inflammation, gastrointestinal complaints (bloating, constipation, indigestion) and halitosis.


(Medicago sativa) A form of ground cover used as animal feed and as a nutritional supplement in humans. Sometimes eaten in salads. Many drug interactions are reported.
Synonym(s): lucerne, purple medick.
[Sp., fr. Ar. al-fasfasah]
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Swiss Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann praised the pioneering spirit of the two Brgenstock founders, Bucher and Durrer, who, in the 19th century, built a hotel complex to welcome guests from around the world high above Lake Lucerne, a feat that was well before its time and which required great entrepreneurial spirit.
"That would lead to undesirable impacts from the large trucks that would pass through Lucerne Valley to deliver limestone to Mitsubishi's cement plant.
Lucerne, located in central Switzerland, is a picturesque city nestled amidst snow- capped mountains at the northern end of Lake Lucerne.
Similar to information on improved technology to increase forage yield (Iqbal et al., 2012), knowledge on the nutritional value of fodders utilised for feeding of goats and sheep in Pakistan is lacking, and therefore this study was conducted to evaluate the nutrient intake and digestibility of the winter fodders berseem clover, lucerne, and oats.
Legend has it that an angel with a light showed the first settlers where to build a church in Lucerne. It was here, too, that William Tell is said to have shot the apple from his own son's head.
* From Lucerne to Montreux: The GoldenPass Line takes you over the BrE-nig Pass to Interlaken, then through the scenic Simmen Valley to Montreux on Lake Geneva.
If studies on densities of the species which affect the crop plants in humid, sub-humid (Steyn, 1951; Chaboussou, 1974; Fekkoum et al., 2011; Lozano et al., 2013) and even arid areas (Brague- Bouragba et al., 2006; Ali-Shtayeh et al., 2010; Souttou et al., 2011), are numerous in particular within the framework prejudicial or of struggle, it is not the same for those carried out the Sahara (Kourim et al., 2011), especially for a culture that has a great interest in breeding livestock's, such as the lucerne, there feed is a serious limiting factor.
M2 PHARMA-December 29, 2014-LCS Therapeutics collaborates with Lucerne Biosciences
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 29, 2014-LCS Therapeutics collaborates with Lucerne Biosciences
FARMERS looking for a high protein fodder might do well to consider growing lucerne. Lucerne - which in some parts of the world is also called alfalfa - is a high-yielding perennial legume that is drought-resistant and rich in digestible fibre and protein.
"The fans missed out in Belarus last season so I'm delighted it's relatively easy to get to Lucerne."