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In radiology, a region in an image caused by an absorber of lower x-ray attenuation than its surrounding tissues; in general, the opposite of opacity.
[fr. L. lucens, shining, fr. luceo, to shine]
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Shiseido White Lucency Brightening Serum for Neck and Decollete, EUR60
Contrast-enhanced CT scans visualize the intimal flap as a thin, curved lucency within the aorta.
In form, proportion and lucency, the winter garden is a really pleasing space.
On an early visit to New York, Walcott viewed a painting by either Tiepolo or Veronese, and this formative event propels a narrative about Pissarro and Walcott's shared experience of exile, artistic achievement, and living "a divided life" between the cultural influences of Europe and the Caribbean: "Then I caught a slash of pink on the inner thigh / of a white hound entering the cave of a table, / so exact in its lucency at The Feast of Levi, / I felt my heart halt." As much as this introduction to "the art of seeing," to finding something miraculous in the ordinary detail, stirs Walcott's passions, a sense of loss also inspires his poem: "because even as I write, / ...
Whatever the time of day or season, the atmosphere's lucency is compromised by leaded, ineptly carbureted automobile exhaust.
Elmstahl et al.[23] have proposed the association between low blood pressure and periventricular lucency in AD patients[27].
A synovial herniation pit, also known as "Pitt's pit," is commonly encountered on radiography as a well-circumscribed round or oval lucency with a surrounding narrow zone of sclerosis located in the subchondral or subcortical anterosuperior femoral neck.
When involved with otosclerosis, this region can appear as a lucency on computed tomography (CT).
The most frequent imaging findings of malignant transformation are irregularity or indistinctness of the surface of the OC, areas of lucency and inhomogeneous mineralization within the OC, and a soft tissue mass frequently containing foci of scattered, punctuate calcifications [26].
In emphysematous patient in this study, the findings such as low flat diaphragm, increased lucency and tubular heart are broadly in agreement with the observation of other workers.
Supine abdominal X-ray showed no dilated bowel loops, but there was an abnormal lucency at the right abdomen outlining the right crus of the diaphragm and extending along the right psoas muscle (Figure 1).