lower rate

lower rate

Cardiology A programmed default rate at which atrial tracking dual-chamber–DDD and VDD–pacemakers pace the heart in absence of intrinsic heart beats. See Pacemaker.

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Q. Why do people with a better cardiovascular fitness have lower heart rate? I recently met my old friend and that too after long time. We did go out and had a blast. He did show me his medical report and I was shocked to find out that he was having lower heart rate than me but was having better cardiovascular. He told me that it was quite normal but It was bothering me a lot. How could it be possible and I do see this as a deficiency. My friend does not agree with me and he told me that nothing to worry. I did try to research and found nothing with this regards. I am unable to sleep and would like to know on this. Can someone help me with answers?. Why do people with a better cardiovascular fitness have lower heart rate?

A. A strong athletic heart gets more cardiac output per stroke.
Less strokes = more movement of blood per stoke

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Being able to reinforce and supply it amply by sea, he would push his interior posts in every direction up the rivers and along the coast; supplying the natives at a lower rate, and thus gradually obliging the Northwest Company to give up the competition, relinquish New Caledonia, and retire to the other side of the mountains.
I heard to-day at Pisa That certain of the English merchants there Would sell their woollens at a lower rate Than the just laws allow, and have entreated The Signory to hear them.
He said that gold was purchased at the normal rate and if the Jeweller has purchased gold at lower rate, the Gold Association will welcome the police move.
Globally, Lebanon had a higher penetration rate than Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Paraguay, and a lower rate than Macedonia, mainland China and Thailand.
Ireland did not enter into any deals offering companies a lower rate of tax as an incentive to establish here.
In addition, XIENCE V demonstrated a 77% lower rate of stent thrombosis, defined as definite or probable according to ARC (0.
The study found "a significantly lower rate of death from any cause" among women who had ever taken the Pill.
Social and Health Services officials estimate that the lower rate would save the state about $12 million a year.
She says: "A lower rate of VAT would help bring down prices without there being a negative impact on retailers.
The lower rate should have been applied because energy saving insulation was fitted.
6 cents per kilowatt-hour--a lower rate than the previous year.
According to airline officials, the approval of the lower rate will also give the company a lower interest rate in its post-petition financing from American Express Travel Related Services Co.

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