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In this article, we describe a case of extraintestinal Crohn's disease that featured quiescent involvement of the lower gastrointestinal tract and florid involvement of the nasal cavity, supraglottic structures, glottis, and skin.
The Assembly microbiome programme consists of a fully integrated platform that includes a robust strain identification and selection process, methods for strain isolation and growth under current Good Manufacturing Practices and a patent-pending delivery system, GEMICEL, which allows for targeted oral delivery of live biologic and conventional therapies to the lower gastrointestinal tract.
Surgical correction is usually indicated for the associated congenital external genitalia and lower gastrointestinal tract anomalies.
Radioactive scanning is a promising, noninvasive, screening technique for locating sites of bleeding, especially in the lower gastrointestinal tract.
According to the company, ALXN1007 is currently being evaluated in patients with acute GVHD of the lower gastrointestinal tract (GI-GVHD) in a Phase 2 study.
None had undergone an endoscopic examination of the lower gastrointestinal tract in the previous 10 years.