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(in-fēr'ē-ŏr), In Latin phrases, this form of the adjective is used with masculine nouns (angulus inferior, plural anguli inferiores) and feminine nouns (pars inferior, plural partes inferiores). With neuter nouns the form inferius is used (ganglion inferius, plural ganglia inferiora).
1. Situated below or directed downward.
2. In human anatomy, situated nearer the soles of the feet in relation to a specific reference point; opposite of superior.
3. Less useful or of poorer quality.
Synonym(s): Lower
[L. lower]
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Q. How to lower high cholesterol? The Doctor told my husband that his cholesterol levels are very high and that he has to lower them immediately. What foods are low in cholesterol and what foods should I be cooking for him to eat?

A. Any treatment of high cholesterol first begins with some lifestyle changes. This involves three simple, yet often difficult to execute, steps: improved diet, increased physical activity, and weight management.
Make sure your Husband is eating unsaturated fats instead of saturated and trans fats, avoiding cholesterol, increasing dietary fiber, and consuming more plant sterols/stanols. Increase his vegetables and whole grains intake, but decrease the fat, salt and sugar intakes.
Also, it will be easier for him to stick to his diet if the whole family changes their eating habits and eats healthier too. Start cooking healthy meals for the whole family and not just for him.

Q. Does wight loss lowers cholesterol? I'm 5'5, 175 lbs, 40 years-old man. After my doctor found that I have high LDL cholesterol, I was advised to try to lower my weight in order to reduce my cholesterol levels. Otherwise I'll have to start taking medications. Can it really do something? As far as I know, cholesterol level are pretty much a genetic thing, and one can be very thin but still have high cholesterol levels.

A. One of the best things you should do is to take a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. And of course, changing your lifestyle. Supplementing your diet with vitamins can help you reduce your LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL. Also, increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids, but make sure that you know the source they are from before taking them.

Q. how can u lower your bp naturally

A. a change in lifestyle- Reducing Salt and Sodium in Your Diet, change to a healthier diet,Maintaining a Healthy Weight, Being Physically Active, Limiting Alcohol Intake, Quitting Smoking. i don't think it can take you off meds , but it can lower the amount of the considerably.

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