low-temperature sterilization

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low-tem·per·a·ture ster·i·li·za·tion

(lō tempĕr-ă-chŭr steri-lī-zāshŭn)
Disinfection of items customarily with ethylene oxide gas; usually accomplished at ambient temperatures or temperatures below those used for autoclave, chemical vapor, or dry-heat oven sterilization.
Synonym(s): gas sterilization.
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Comparative evaluation of sporicidal activity of new low-temperature sterilization technologies (21,22) Units positive/units tested Sterilization LTU,(a) LTU LTU SL(b) method 3 mm 2 mm 1 mm 3 mm EO-HCFC 0/50 0/40 0/40 0/50 Sterrad 100S 0/50 0/40 0/40 0/40 Sterrad 50 0/30 0/30 0/30 0/30 Sterrad 100 2/40 3/40 37/50 0/40 (a) LTU = lumen test unit.
Review of Select Sterilization Technologies II-40 Bright Light or PureBright Systems II-40 SteriPulse-XL II-40 Synergetic Processes - Psoralens and UVA (PUVA) II-40 Microwave and Bactericide II-40 Low-Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde II-40 Microwaves II-41 X-Ray Sterilization II-41 Factors Governing Use of X-Ray Sterilization Method II-41 Low Temperature Plasma (LTP) Sterilization II-41 Analysis of Low-Temperature Sterilization Sector II-42 Sterrad Sterilization Systems II-42 Disadvantages II-42 Plazlyte Sterilization Systems II-43 Other Sterilization and Disinfection Methods II-43 Review of Select Sterilization Methods II-43 Disinfection Methods II-44
president of ASP Worldwide, the new agreement reinforces ASP's position as the leading provider of low-temperature sterilization alternatives to ethylene oxide (EtO) among large group healthcare purchasing organizations.
nursing convention of stakeholders in the performance, efficacy and efficiency of low-temperature sterilization processes.
3 Hydrogen peroxide-based low-temperature sterilization equipment 1.
and innovator of low-temperature sterilization systems, and Getinge/Castle, a worldwide supplier of disinfection, sterilization and surgical equipment for healthcare and scientific markets, today announced the formation of a new strategic alliance for North and South America.
According to Ted Toch, vice president of marketing and sales at ASP, the new agreement reinforces the STERRAD System's established leadership position as the low-temperature sterilization alternative to ethylene oxide (EtO) and will allow ASP to build on the more than 1,200 STERRAD units it has sold worldwide in the three years since the product was cleared for marketing in the United States.
There is an increasing adoption of low-temperature sterilization equipment.
This process uses low-temperature sterilization to maximize the effectiveness of active ingredients while simultaneously maintaining the microbiological integrity of the product.
The proprietary process of low-temperature sterilization allows the product to maintain its microbiological integrity while maximizing the quality of active ingredients and ensuring a high level of efficacy.
System platform, creating one of the widest ranges of low-temperature sterilization options offered today.
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