low-temperature sterilization

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low-tem·per·a·ture ster·i·li·za·tion

(lō tempĕr-ă-chŭr steri-lī-zāshŭn)
Disinfection of items customarily with ethylene oxide gas; usually accomplished at ambient temperatures or temperatures below those used for autoclave, chemical vapor, or dry-heat oven sterilization.
Synonym(s): gas sterilization.
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If the technique works, Carter predicts that it could achieve sterilization in 10 minutes--a third of the time required by an automated system that washes instruments with peracetic acid, the leading low-temperature sterilization method now in use.
A New Low-Temperature Sterilization Technology: Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma
Other top requests from OEMs are biocompatibility testing, human factors testing on devices, and additional efficacy testing in low-temperature sterilization processes, such as hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide (EtO).
ChemDAQ, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, PA, is the leader in ambient air and emissions monitoring systems for low-temperature sterilization used in hospital sterile processing departments and medical device manufacturers.
Advanced Sterilization Product (Irvine, CA), a Division of Ethicon, Inc., manufactures and markets the world-renowned STERRAD Sterilization Systems to accommodate virtually all low-temperature sterilization needs.
"However, low-temperature sterilization processes like hydrogen peroxide continue to gain more popularity each year.
"We feel that every facility utilizing low-temperature sterilization methods should have access to our system, regardless of their location or what chemicals they use, in order to keep their employees safe," Hilliker states.
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