low-temperature sterilization

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low-tem·per·a·ture ster·i·li·za·tion

(lō tempĕr-ă-chŭr steri-lī-zāshŭn)
Disinfection of items customarily with ethylene oxide gas; usually accomplished at ambient temperatures or temperatures below those used for autoclave, chemical vapor, or dry-heat oven sterilization.
Synonym(s): gas sterilization.
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The present contract is the provision by the Contractor to the Employer comprehensive services in the field of high-temperature and low-temperature sterilization of tools, medical equipment, linen and other operational range, in particular 1) an disinfecting, cleaning and maintenance review, packaging and sterilization of surgical instruments and medical equipment steam under pressureat temperatures of 1340C and 1210C2) service disinfecting, cleaning, overhaul maintenance, packaging and sterilization of medical equipment ethylene oxide and pazmie3) Service cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment4) The service packaging and sterilization operations linen and other material2.
The company added that the Genesis Low Temperature Rigid Sterilization Container System is validated for newer low-temperature sterilization processes and systems from market-leading sterilizer manufacturers, including the V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Systems.
Clinical effectiveness of low-temperature sterilization technologies.
This process offers an important benefit for drug delivery systems--a low-temperature sterilization process that can be applied at near-ambient pressures," she said.
based in Pittsburgh, PA, is the leader in ambient air and emissions monitoring systems for low-temperature sterilization used in hospital sterile processing departments and medical device manufacturers.
manufactures and markets the world-renowned STERRAD Sterilization Systems to accommodate virtually all low-temperature sterilization needs.
Global Market Outlook II-1 Infection Control Assumes Heightened Prominence II-1 Sterilization: A Critical Component of the Medical Industry II-1 Optimization is the New Buzzword II-1 Sterilization Techniques - The Evolution Continues II-2 Potential Growth Segments II-2 Gamma Sterilization Scores Over Conventional Techniques II-3 Consolidation - The Vertical Integration Way II-3 Evolving Techniques Emerging Growth Leaders II-3 Low-Temperature Sterilization II-4 Development of Prion Deactivation Technology II-4 Growing Health Concern Spurs Demand II-5
We feel that every facility utilizing low-temperature sterilization methods should have access to our system, regardless of their location or what chemicals they use, in order to keep their employees safe," Hilliker states.
president of ASP Worldwide, the new agreement reinforces ASP's position as the leading provider of low-temperature sterilization alternatives to ethylene oxide (EtO) among large group healthcare purchasing organizations.
Contract notice: "the provision of comprehensive services in the field of high-temperature and low-temperature sterilization of tools, medical equipment, linen operational and dressing material.
The distributors' selection of ChemDAQ solidifies its spot at the top of the gas monitoring industry when it comes to low-temperature sterilization.
and innovator of low-temperature sterilization systems, and Getinge/Castle, a worldwide supplier of disinfection, sterilization and surgical equipment for healthcare and scientific markets, today announced the formation of a new strategic alliance for North and South America.
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