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The state of being deprived of the essentials of well-being, such as adequate housing, food, sufficient income, employment, access to required social services and social status. The most commonly used threshold of low income in the UK is a household income that is ≤ 60% of the average (median) British household income. In 2008/9, poverty was defined in terms of the amount of money left after income tax, council tax and housing costs (rent, mortgage interest, buildings insurance and water charges) have been deducted: £119 per week for single adult with no dependent children and £288 per week for a couple with two dependent children under 14. These sums of money represent what the household has left to spend on food, heating, travel, entertainment, and any needs or wants. In 2008/09, 13 million people in the UK were living in households below this low-income threshold—i.e., 22% of the population—compared 12 million at that level in 2004/05.
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(pov′ĕrt-ē) [Fr. poverté, fr L. paupertas]
The condition of having an inadequate supply of money, resources, or means of subsistence. In 2010 in the U.S., for example, a family of four earning less than $22,000 was considered to live in poverty.

poverty of thought

The mental state of being devoid of thought and having a feeling of emptiness.
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The poverty level therefore remained at e1/48,698 in annual income for one person, and e1/413,047 for two persons, while those who receive 20 per cent over the poverty level (up to e1/410,324 for one person and e1/415.486 for two) are also entitled to a low-income pension allowance.
* Higher-income working students, about 73 percent of whom are White, are more likely than low-income working students to be in a bachelor's program at selective four-year schools.
Several factors have made it difficult for low-income customers to access solar energy.
Some colleges and universities have particularly low proportions of low-income students.
For low-income households, housing costs constitute nearly 41 percent of the budget--a share increase of 5.5 percentage points over 30 years.
* 20% of the low-income units in the project, rounded up to the nearest whole number of units, or
Let's begin with a definition of low-income. That doesn't necessarily mean poverty does it?
The Dar Al Ber Society, run by the Dubai Government, has distributed packs of a variety of sweets and cookies, locally known as Eid Fawala, to over 50 low-income families, and families of special needs people and inmates.
The Ministry of Social Development has noticed reduction in the number of low-income families by 9 thousand in 2014, and reduction in the number of low-income children as a consequence.
More low-income women and their children are receiving the nutritional support and assistance that is so critical to early childhood development, announced the U.S.
Our analysis consists of identifying which neighborhoods were low-income in 1980, measuring how much their income had grown by 2008, and analyzing a number of variables to see which characteristics of the neighborhoods in 1980 might explain the changes observed in 2008.

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