low-impact aerobics

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low-impact aerobics

Any type of aerobic exercise which promotes physical fitness but does not stress musculoskeletal tissues and joints—e.g., walking, swimming, bicycling.
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Public health The rhythmic contraction of muscles against a force Pros ↓ risk of cholecystectomy, ↓ risk of CAD, CHD, CA–colorectal, breast, prostate, DM–improved insulin utilization, obesity, stroke, osteoporosis, stress, anxiety; ↑ sexual pleasure, strength, flexibility, stamina, psychological well-being, general health; improved reaction time, memory, moods, immune resistance, sleep, self-confidence, control of arthritis, weight, quality of life. See Aerobic exercise, Anaerobic exercise, Breathing exercise, Cardiovascular exercise, Codman's pendulum exercise, Hoshino exercise, Isometric exercise, Isotonic exercise, Pritikin exercise, Vigorous exercise.
Isometric Exercise against an unmoving resistance; isometric exercises consist of muscle contraction with a minimum of other body movements; isometric exercises build muscle strength and include weight-lifting or squeezing a tennis ball
Isotonic Dynamic exercise Isotonic exercise consists of continuous and sustained movement of the arms and legs; isotonic exercises are beneficial to the cardiorespiratory systems and include running and bicycling
Whole body
Low-impact aerobics Any type of aerobic exercise that promotes physical fitness, but does not stress musculoskeletal tissues, and joints; low-impact aerobic exercises include walking, swimming, bicycling
High-impact aerobics Any type of aerobic exercise that promotes physical fitness, at the risk of stress to musculoskeletal tissues, and joints; high-impact aerobic exercises include aerobic dancing, basketball, running, volleyball
Exercise-kcal consumed/hour
Distance running (15 km/hour)  1000
Contact sports (wrestling, karate)   900
Bicycling (25 km/hour)   800
Swimming, freestyle   800
Basketball, volleyball  700
Jogging (9 km/hour)  600
Tennis   500
Coitus   450
Walking  400
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In addition, everyone needs some type of overall aerobic physical conditioning exercise such as walking, stationary bicycling, swimming or low-impact aerobics. Remember, though, that conditioning exercise does not take the place of range-of-motion exercises prescribed for you by your doctor.
Formats include step/slide, step, high- and low-impact aerobics. Hot Hits, with side A for step and side B for slide, features exclusive, original songs.
The tape features low-impact aerobics, a toning section and a postnatal mini-workout.
SIV utilizes the principles of work and recovery intervals, high- and low-impact aerobics, step aerobics and resistance training.
FOR every medium- size banana you eat, you have to do 18 minutes of low-impact aerobics to burn it off.
Weekly Workout Guidelines Aerobic Activity Weight Training MONDAY low-impact aerobics In a 75-minute class, body 60-75 minutes sculpting exercises are usually included.
Exercise verdict Once a week she should do some form of structured exercise, like taking up running again, or doing a low-impact aerobics class.
Cardiovascular exercise in the form of gentle, low-impact aerobics helps increase endurance and build stamina which will assist her during labor.
When asked what inspired her country aerobics video, which was shot in a barn with a live band, Lane says, "Watching people in clubs doing one line dance after another barely stopping between songs, I realized this is just like low-impact aerobics. A lot of the moves are similar to low-impact aerobics.
Complete with warm-up, low-impact aerobics and strength work, this 60-minute routine is a safe and thorough workout for seniors.
Twenty-five sessions a week are filled to capacity, and individuals burnt out on step and low-impact aerobics claim they're finding renewed inspiration with Johnny G.
* Funk aerobics is the translation of low-impact aerobics with stylized dance moves.

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