low-grade explosive

low-grade ex·plo·sive

(lō-grād eks-plō'siv)
A device that generates a subsonic pressure front (blast wind) but not a supersonic pressure front (blast wave) when it explodes.
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And that edge was even more obvious on Bonfire Night with the metallic taste of low-grade explosive in the air and a smoky mist allpervading.
The latest, most high-profile attack involved a low-grade explosive packed into an ammunition box, which caused minor damage to an empty military recruiting station.
Kimberly Molitas, spokesperson of the National Capital Police Regional Office, said the homemade pipe bomb used was made with low-grade explosives, like the ones used to make firecrackers.
While low-grade explosives have huge media coverage, no one speaks of laser bomb, cluster bomb and phosphorous bombAafar superior in lethal and fatal results.
The former University of South Florida engineering student was acquitted by a federal jury Friday of possessing low-grade explosives that could have been used to build a destructive device.
The trash container was taken to the Waste Management Transfer Facility at 256 New Lancaster Road (Route 117) in Leominster and workers discovered the low-grade explosives, which are used to break up ground to install utility poles and guardrails.

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