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The tumor was misdiagnosed as low-grade astrocytoma. Panel b and c: H and E stained section of the tumor revealed features of an ependymoma
Variations in the natural history and survival of patients with supratentorial low-grade astrocytomas. Neurosurgery 1996; 38: 872-9.
(37) Additionally, alterations in MYB and MYBL1, primarily fusion events, have been observed in angiocentric gliomas and low-grade astrocytomas. (30,45) Clinical trials for targeted therapy addressing some of these various abnormalities are ongoing or in development.
Pathological and molecular advances in pediatric low-grade astrocytoma. Annu Rev Pathol.
Rosenthal fibers and granular bodies, although conceivable in the context of low-grade astrocytoma, have not been documented to date.
The most common misdiagnosis was low-grade astrocytoma (39%), followed by nondiagnostic biopsy (18%), highgrade astrocytoma (15%) and, less frequently, oligodendroglioma, infarction, infection, or lymphoma.
Sometimes, inaccurate terms like "low-grade astrocytoma" or "brainstem glioma" are used that obscure this distinction.
(18-21) Nakamura et al (20) additionally revealed a strong tendency toward down-regulation of p14ARF protein immunoreactivity during progression from low-grade astrocytoma to glioblastoma.
In the current study, low-grade astrocytomas (Grade 1 a n d 2) showed intense GFAP staining mostly in the fibrillary processes, whereas the grade 3 astrocytomas showed cytoplasmic staining.
Multiple low-grade astrocytomas may be seen in the spinal cord in the setting of neurofibromatosis type 1.
Low-grade astrocytomas are more common in young adults, whereas high-grade astrocytomas primarily affect older adults.

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