low vision aids

aids, low vision 

Optical (e.g. loupe) or non-optical (e.g. large numeral telephone) appliances and devices designed to assist the partially sighted patient. See magnifying glass; halogen lamp; telescopic lens; pinhole spectacles; typoscope; low vision.
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Other topics covered in this book include eye diseases in children, low vision aids.
6% and visual acuity improved with the use of low vision aids in 57.
Standard care from an Ophthalmologist is in order for the management of refractive error and assistance with low vision aids as vision decreases.
This acquisition is part of a four-month growth trend by New England Low Vision and Blindness that has included obtaining a partnership with Freedom Scientific to exclusively provide their low vision aids and hiring additional employees dedicated to customer care.
Services will include counselling, low vision assessments, provision of low vision aids and outreach services to schools for the blind and other institutions.
He added: "They are for low vision aids that would allow a person who cannot see well enough to read standard print, or to be able to access the same information as the sighted world.
The free event, attended by exhibitors from across the UK, will offer refreshments, as well as the chance to try out magnification equipment, low vision aids, software and other services for the visually impaired.
com) specializes in personal lighting and low vision aids distributed through online and retail stores including specialty stores, ReadingLight.
All services are provided by community-based optometrists who have gained accreditation by undertaking specific training in the assessment of patients and the provision of low vision aids.
Low Vision Aids, Tactile Approaches, Reading Mail and Writing Checks.
Ideally, a low vision aids clinic should be designed not just as a place where optical hardware is prescribed but where the severely visually handicapped can have a thorough examination in every respect.
Anita Morrison-Fokken, Low Vision director of Focus, said: "There are thousands of people in Birmingham who suffer the frustrations of low vision, yet it is likely that the great majority could benefit greatly from our assessments and our low vision aids and devices.

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