low vision aids

aids, low vision 

Optical (e.g. loupe) or non-optical (e.g. large numeral telephone) appliances and devices designed to assist the partially sighted patient. See magnifying glass; halogen lamp; telescopic lens; pinhole spectacles; typoscope; low vision.
Millodot: Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, 7th edition. © 2009 Butterworth-Heinemann
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It was also a chance for the veterans to learn more about specialist low vision aids available freeof-charge to them through Scottish War Blinded, with demonstrations and consultations available.
They had the chance to meet Scottish rehabilitation officer Sandra Taylor, who demonstrated a range of specialist low vision aids and equipment that Scottish War Blinded veterans can access for free.
Referral will not provide a treatment and, unless rehabilitation using low vision aids is the desired outcome, the patient should remain in primary care with advice given regarding worsening symptoms such as sudden visual loss or metamorphopsia.
Other topics covered in this book include eye diseases in children, low vision aids. Various misconceptions about eye care have also been clarified in the last chapter and it has been pointed out that IOL can be successfully implanted in patients with diabetes.
report that the causes of low vision and blindness was preventable in 27.6% and visual acuity improved with the use of low vision aids in 57.5% of 120 students, bringing attention to the serious deficiencies in the early diagnosis and rehabilitation of students in these schools.
New England Low Vision and Blindness is New England's provider of low vision aids, blindness aids and training services to people who are blind and visually impaired and to the professionals who serve them.
Services will include counselling, low vision assessments, provision of low vision aids and outreach services to schools for the blind and other institutions.
He added: "They are for low vision aids that would allow a person who cannot see well enough to read standard print, or to be able to access the same information as the sighted world."
The free event, attended by exhibitors from across the UK, will offer refreshments, as well as the chance to try out magnification equipment, low vision aids, software and other services for the visually impaired.

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