low sodium

low so·di·um

(lō sō'dē-ŭm)
A product so labeled contains, by F.D.A. order, no more than 140 mg of sodium per serving.
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The original 2001 study found that combining low sodium and the DASH [Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension] diet lowered blood pressure more than either alone, but results were not broken out by hypertension severity (N Engl J Med.
Summary: US-made low sodium Kikkoman soy sauce withdrawn after tests confirm alcohol content
Cpv 1588 2000-4 low protein plain biscuits ( l001 ) low protein, low sodium and low potassium biscuits, in packs of approximately 100g or 200g.
McDougall's Light Sodium 1 1/8 cups 170 360 White Bean & Pasta Vegan Soup Health Valley Organic No 1 cup 140 30 Salt Added Black Bean Soup Health Valley Organic No 1 cup 100 30 Salt Added Potato Leek Healthy Choice Garden 1 cup 130 450 Vegetable Pacific Reduced Sodium 1 cup 150 490 Organic Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Soup Tabatchnick Low-Sodium 1 cup 80 80 Barley & Mushroom Tabatchnick Low Sodium 1 cup 140 50 Split Pea Soup SUPERMARKET SLEUTH: PROTEIN FAT/SAT CARBS FIBER PREPARED SOUPS FAT (G) (G) (G) BEEF/CHICKEN Campbell's Chunky Healthy 8 2/1 19 3 Request Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables Healthy Choice Beef Pot Roast 6 1/0 18 3 VEGETARIAN 365 Everyday Value Organic 7 1/0 25 6 Black Bean Soup Amy's Organic Light in 3 1.
Dr Martin O'Donnell, a co-author on the study and professor at NUI Galway, said: "This study adds to our understanding of the relationship between salt intake and health, and questions the appropriateness of current guidelines that recommend low sodium intake in the entire population.
It appears that low sodium truly is harmful and we need to be cautious before recommending low levels for the entire population, he said.
Previous studies have shown that low-sodium, compared to average sodium intake, is related to increased cardiovascular risk and mortality, even though low sodium intake is associated with lower blood pressure.
Observational studies cannot prove causation; however, the results suggest that both high and low sodium intake may increase the risk of death or cardiovascular disease.
The British company behind a low sodium alternative to salt is successfully targeting markets in the Asia Pacific region.
Very low sodium levels can lead to swelling of brain cells due to excess influx of water into these cells.
Packaged food manufacturers and restaurants would be wise to increase the flavor of low-sodium foods using herbs or spices to combat the confusion and show customers that low sodium does not equal bad taste.
To be provocative, you could say the DASH diet and low sodium abolishes 30 years of blood pressure aging in 4 weeks," said Dr.