low osmolar contrast agent

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low osmolar contrast agent (LOCA),

nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.
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low os·mo·lar con·trast a·gent

(lō oz-mō'lăr kon'trast ā'jĕnt)
Nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.
Synonym(s): low osmolar contrast medium, nonionic contrast agent.
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[7], acceptable image quality can be obtained for most patients by using low osmolar contrast medium with an iodine concentration of 300 mg/ml given at a dose of 1.5 ml/kg based on body weight.
Abbreviations AKI: Acute kidney injury CIN: Contrast-medium induced nephropathy CKD: Chronic kidney disease CM: Contrast medium CT: Computed Tomography FF: Filtration fraction GFR: Glomerular filtration rate HOCM: High osmolar contrast medium IOCM: Iso-osmolar contrast medium LOCM: Low osmolar contrast medium RBF: Renal blood flow RI: Renal insufficiency SCr: Serum creatinine concentration.
Venography was carried out on Image Intensifier Fluoroscopic X-Ray machine (KXO-80G-KDU 800-1000 mA, Toshiba, Japan, with low osmolar contrast medium (Iopamiro).
In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of non ionic low osmolar contrast medium administration on oxidant/antioxidant status and NO levels in rat kidney tissues.
Coronary angiography and left ventriculographywere performed using just 80 cc lopromid (Ultravist 300, Schering AG, Germany): a nonionic low osmolar contrast medium containing approximately 300 mg/mL iodide.
(7) Iso-osmolar B Varying volumes of iodixanol, an iso-osmolar contast media contrast medium, were used rather than iohexol, a low osmolar contrast medium. (5) Sodium B Patients were given 4.23% dextrose in [H.sub.2]O bicarbonate with 154 mEq of sodium bicarbonate added per liter.
Ensslen et al., "A randomized trial comparing the impact of a nonionic (iomeprol) versus an ionic (ioxaglate) low osmolar contrast medium on abrupt vessel closure and ischemic complications after coronary angioplasty," Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol.