low molecular weight proteins

low molecular weight proteins (LMP),

gene products that are components of proteosomes.
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In goat milk, several bands were observed, the band before [alpha]-LAC was of low molecular weight proteins and might be proteose and peptones.
Among the low molecular weight proteins the fractions of 66, 54, 45, 36, 28, 23 and 17 kDa exhibited maximum values ~ 48 hours in 90 % patients and thereafter values showed pattern of declining intensity.
SolaThin is a pure potato protein extract consisting of several low molecular weight proteins, including protease inhibitor PI-2, PI-2 enables the release of cholecystokinin (CKK), a naturally occurring peptide shown to produce a feeling of gastric fullness, and thereby helping reduce food consumption.
In the third tube, seminal plasma was totally removed and added 10% of seminal plasma with low molecular weight proteins.
We used 10% FBS as the reference concentration and in comparison identified three low molecular weight proteins were missing or had reduced expression from both 5% and 15% FBS media respectively.
Protein profile of plastids isolated from excised leaves of seedlings grown in dark and different light regimes revealed that most of the high molecular weight proteins (<60kDa) and low molecular weight proteins (14-20 kDa) were present in V-, D, R+FR, FR, V+, R+B and W seedlings.
Silver staining after electrophoresis indicated that the M3-reactive samples contained sLR11 as a single protein at 250 kDa as well as low molecular weight proteins, in both human and rabbit sera (lanes 2 and 5).
The low conductivity of the organic solvent buffer minimizes heat generation, and the water-miscible nature of the organic solvent buffer permits the analysis of hydrophobic and low molecular weight proteins as well as hydrophilic proteins.
Low molecular weight proteins were responsible for the high protein extractable values obtained for the control during frozen storage.
[4,5] The urinary protein consists primarily of low molecular weight proteins, including [[alpha].sub.2] microglobulin, [[beta].sub.2]-microglobulin, and retinol binding protein ([[alpha].sub.2]-microglobulin).
Polyacrylamide gels, 5 % for high and 12 % for low molecular weight proteins, were prepared [18].
Lyophilized mixture of 7 proteins (Sigma SDS7-IVL; 124K6045) for low molecular weight proteins (66-14.2 kDa) were used as molecular weight markers.

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