low molecular weight proteins

low molecular weight proteins (LMP),

gene products that are components of proteosomes.
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SolaThin is a pure potato protein extract consisting of several low molecular weight proteins, including protease inhibitor PI-2, PI-2 enables the release of cholecystokinin (CKK), a naturally occurring peptide shown to produce a feeling of gastric fullness, and thereby helping reduce food consumption.
We used 10% FBS as the reference concentration and in comparison identified three low molecular weight proteins were missing or had reduced expression from both 5% and 15% FBS media respectively.
Silver staining after electrophoresis indicated that the M3-reactive samples contained sLR11 as a single protein at 250 kDa as well as low molecular weight proteins, in both human and rabbit sera (lanes 2 and 5).
The low conductivity of the organic solvent buffer minimizes heat generation, and the water-miscible nature of the organic solvent buffer permits the analysis of hydrophobic and low molecular weight proteins as well as hydrophilic proteins.
4,5] The urinary protein consists primarily of low molecular weight proteins, including [[alpha].
In as little as a day, the system can reliably capture trace amounts of low molecular weight proteins -- providing robust, reproducible results.
Digilab BioVisioN's Peptidomics [R] sample prep products and services are already well appreciated by customers as a means to maximize the sensitivity and selectivity needed for low molecular weight proteins in the drug discovery and development process.
Proponents of the interactome concept argue that in disease states, low molecular weight proteins or peptides unique to that disease increase in concentration in plasma, forming complexes with the more abundant proteins, particularly albumin and the immunoglobulins (8).
Time course of low molecular weight proteins in the early transplantation period-influence of corticoids.

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