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It allows for high sensitivity, low input volume and reduced processing time, thereby enabling cost-effective diagnostic testing.
The CT4121A, a new active FET probe kit, is compact with high input resistance and low input capacitance.
A LOW input system with few labour requirements has proven to be the key to survival for Powys sheep farmer Neil Oughton.
One advocate said that farmers' incomes can be raised at low yield and at low input.
District cooling and heating provides good engineering solution for large cooling/ heating requirements but when upgraded to combined heat and power (CHP) system, attractive economical viability can be ensured since very high thermal efficiency is achieved, with low input fuel energy costs.
According to the vendor, the device's low input lag ensures fast responsiveness for an ultra-smooth video gaming experience, while the elimination of distracting motion blur cranks up in-game realism.
However, he said, PARC is doing its best to strengthen farmers and make them efficient to get high yield per acre and big profit against low input cost.
By feeding preheated material with a consistent, low input moisture level, a smaller extruder and vacuum degassing system can be used, so that a 30% throughput increase can be realized.
The result is the most comprehensive cellular data and the best biology from a range of input levels in samples with limited RNA quantity including single cell, liquid biopsy, and other low input RNA samples.

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