low grade astrocytoma

low grade as·tro·cy·to·ma

astrocytoma characterized by an increased cellularity of uneven distribution and mild nuclear pleomorphism.
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Biopsy results showed the tumour was a low grade astrocytoma but two years ago, she was told the tumour was cancerous.
"It is important people are aware of the symptoms and if they are diagnosed early then it can save lives." Angela was diagnosed with a low grade astrocytoma while she was in her final year at The University of Edinburgh, aged 21.
Supratentorial low grade astrocytoma: prognostic factors, dedifferentiation, and the issue of early versus late surgery.
Treatment and survival of low grade astrocytoma in adults 1988-1988.
The most common primary tumour of optic nerve (ON) is a benign glioma, which is a low grade astrocytoma , representing 2-5% of brain tumours in children with an earlier and more severe clinical presentation in children with sporadic tumours than in children with NF 1.
Case 1 shows a high grade astrocytoma and cases 2 and 3 reveal a low grade astrocytoma. This tumor can become more aggressive as shown in case 2 in which, 9 months after surgery, multiple lesions were noticed, although no biopsy or autopsy were performed.
HISTOPATHOLOGIC FEATURES: Histopathological examinations in twenty eight patients showed low grade astrocytoma and two cases had malignant tumors.
Recent reviews of the literature by Hader, et al and Sobowale, et al revealed secondary PNETs after brain radiation for retinoblastoma, pilocytic astrocytoma, ependymoma, oligodendroglioma, and low grade astrocytomas. (8,12) More recently, a PNET after radiation for craniopharyngioma has been reported.
In our study incidence of low grade astrocytomas were the commonest of all gliomas and fibrillary astrocytoma was the frequent histological type among astrocytomas.
Prognosis for completely resected low grade astrocytomas is extremely good without further treatment.
Variable reports to the frequency of total excions for low grade astrocytomas exist in literature some as low as 5% and others documenting many as amenable to resection14-16.