low forceps delivery

low for·ceps de·liv·er·y

delivery by forceps applied to the fetal head at station ≥ +2 cm and not on the pelvic floor. This classification of forceps delivery may be with or without rotation of the fetal head.
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Another interest literature report from United Kingdom in 2015 suggested Kielland's forceps has a similar rate of 3 [sup]rd - and 4 [sup]th -degree perineal tear compared with low forceps delivery. In this report, there are 279/1492 women (19%) having OASIS after forceps delivery.
When I stopped practicing obstetrics, the fresh-out-of-residency people coming into our practice couldn't do a low forceps delivery. If there is to be a reteaching of rotational forceps, they'd better catch us old codgers fast before we die off (I am 72) and grant us malpractice relief (I no longer have insurance).
Hypertension in the second stage of labour is a risk factor for cerebral haemorrhage; shortening this stage by use of low forceps delivery or vacuum extraction appears to be a reasonable solution.
In a 1971 review of 2,568 fetuses in the OP/OT position who were managed by a trial of manual rotation followed by low forceps delivery from 1951 to 1960, morbidity or mortality occurred in 0.7% (Obstet.
Wampler decided to proceed with a low forceps delivery. Upon delivery, the patient's baby sustained a "ping-pong" depression skull fracture and required resuscitation.
* Women with low forceps delivery required prolonged hospitalization (Table 9).