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The only string attached to the Pineapple Fund donation was that Snow Lovers convert the currency to USD, which it has.
For agent Stacey Kirkpatrick, who owns Arc Homes on Market street in the town, Lovers Lane has romantic memories.
The animal lovers brought different breeds of dogs including German Shepherd, pit bull, gultair, Labrador, Shih Tzu and Persian cats.
A mix of the finest Uruguayan and Argentinean musicians and dancers and the ensemble's Uruguayan director and first soloist, Alfredo Lerida guarantees to ignite the stages where Tango Lovers perform.
The lovers party is a party for the welfare of lovers and people's development and it is not like other parties formed for the election purposes, it supports the lovers," said Santhosh.
How can you expect the lover of your dreams to know you're waiting if you don't advertise yourself?
Tuesday, September 11 - Liverpool Food Lovers Festival - Chocolate Fantasy Evening Sample a specially-created chocolate lovers menu at the Everyman Bistro.
The researchers found that the brains of these rejected lovers behaved differently than those of the contented lovers in the previous study.
Yossi & Jagger: One of the most tender gay love stories on the screen in years, Eytan Fox's film stars Ohad Knoller as a macho company commander in the Israeli army and Yehuda Levy (a big TV star in Israel) as his second-in-command and lover.
Reese's Chocolate Lovers peanut butter cups contain 65 percent chocolate (on the outside) and 35 percent peanut butter (inside), while Reese's Peanut Butter Lovers cups contain 75 percent peanut butter (outside) and 25 percent chocolate (inside).
In fact Banville notes how most cities are like lovers spreading their limbs before us, but that Prague is more coy: "When I seek another word for mystery," he quotes Ripellino, "the only word I can find is Prague.
101 Home-Based Businesses For Pet Lovers is a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities of working at home surrounded by canine and/or feline companions--or any other category of pet