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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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When finished, the blind was eight feet long, five feet wide and six feet tall--not as big as a Texas blind, but if not for the love seat, way bigger than it needed to be.
Figure on spending about $45 for the materials for the chair and about $65 for the love seat.
The ranch scattered its grounds with covered wagon love seats designed for trysting young couples, many of whom purchased western wear as part of their Montana adventure.
Though tempted by a colourful striped and gilded love seat, I decided to spread out on what looked like a park bench covered in cushions.
We have the beautiful grey Rossellini, the leather Lauria or as I brought up a couple of weeks ago the fabulous Jobson Ercol Originals love seat.
She has also demanded a custom-fitted speedboat - complete with love seat, faux leather seats and a champagne fridge.
They're in the process of furnishing their one-bedroom apartment, slowly replacing hand-me-downs with new items, including a secretary desk to hide Sam's laptop and a sofa and love seat in hunter green.
Thus, the white suede love seat matches elegantly with the ninja sword and crazy clown bong, and the oversized dark oak wardrobe is offset perfectly by the manhole-sized black stain on the carpet and the Bob Marley posters.
The carefully fitted joints give this chair, love seat and table the true look of furniture and not a stapled-together crate.
Following and celebrating the release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians, his first book, 101 Nudes, 1972/91, peered into the forlorn, next-door, often hilarious randiness of suburbia: plump woman nude on porch steps, plump woman nude next to potted plants, nude in bushes, or nude fondling the family pet; skinny boy nude and posed on top of the dining-room table, like a fountain cherub run amok, skinny boy again nude balanced on the sofa's arm, dolled up in drag across the love seat, cigarette in hand playing the piano nude, or caressing in the buff a mural of Jesus.
A MODERN take on the classic chesterfield, the sumptuous Bagsie love seat is available in a wealth of fabrics.