love handle

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love handle

A deposit of fat at the waistline. Often used in the plural.
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Q. Can any one help me to know the best ways to get rid of hideous love handles? Can any one help me to know the best ways to get rid of hideous love handles? They make low cuts look bulky! Yuck!

A. The best thing I can advise you is to eat less fat... you can notice that even if you lose weight, it always take the "love handles" more time to go away- that's cause you have to bring your fat level down for them to vanish. they stay there untill you show them you're serious... go to low fat- but no o%!!!

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To develop six pack abs and thwart the dreaded love handles, perform the following:
A needle the size of my little finger goes into my love handle
London, Sep 20 (ANI): Scientists have come up with a new machine that freezes away unwanted body fat to remove love handles, beer bellies and bingo wings.
"I remove fat from the abdomen and love handles adding it to areas that need it.
[USA], Nov 22 ( ANI ): Almost every fitness professional recommends improvement in diet and regular exercise to lose those love handles, but according to various researchers it requires even more time and effort.
The company said the Lipogems system comes in a comprehensive kit and uses a minimally invasive procedure to harvest, concentrate and transfer the patient's own adipose tissue from the patient's belly or "love handles." The procedure can be performed in the office or surgical setting in under an hour.
'Stretch marks, cellulites, loose skin, folds, love handles, scars and so many things I can be insecure about.'
Similarly, larger thighs can be hidden with a shirt or shorts bottom, and love handles by wearing Fifties-style highwaisted bottoms.
In the ( sneak peek released by FOX for "( Love Handles ," the two characters can be seen making out in several occasions. Lucifer and Chloe are trying to figure out the new status of their relationship, but when Chloe is finally ready to take the next step, Lucifer will second-guess her sincerity.
"Clearly this is just the start of losing the weight, and I've got to fathom that out for myself, but I'd definitely like to try it again for my thighs and love handles, if I can afford it."
LOVE HANDLES LOVE HANDLES FAT FA bulging over the back and sides of of your jeans could indicat ate a problem with the hormone hormone insulin, which regula gulates blood sugar levels, explains Max.