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Drug slang A regional term for cocaine
Vox populi An intimate sexual relationship or episode between lovers, usually understood to mean an extramarital relationship
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At a meeting of 18 khaps of western Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, the leaders declared that girls from the community must not use these social networking sites and must also avoid getting involved in love affairs.
He said "love guru Tharoor should be made minister of love affairs".
THE STORY: Single mum Anna (Duff) begins a damaging love affair with her neighbour, while care worker Stephen (Royle Family star Little, above) is under pressure from his girlfriend to start a family.
Heath Ledger begins a three-way love affair with Abbie Cornish and a full-blown heroin habit in this haunting Aussie drama.
There was music and singing, love affairs and feasts with great tables filled with mutton, wild game and tankards of ale.
IT has been called one of the greatest love affairs of the 19th century and the relationship of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert certainly offers actor Jonathan Firth the chance to get romantic as the royal husband.
All of these love affairs last just as long as the winning continues.
She begins near the end with her work as a popular healer, then moves backwards into stories of two less-than-satisfying love affairs and the eccentric tales of her grandmother.
Up front, Taylor admits that his study of love affairs is not scientific.
Beginning with her fatherless childhood in Philadelphia, through a series of adolescent and young-adult love affairs with black and Jewish middle- and upper-class men, and culminating in her obsessive love for Huey Newton, Brown admits she was attracted to powerful men she wanted to fill the space of the doting father she never had.
"Barthes had love affairs, like everyone else, but if he did not want them to become public knowledge, and if, after his death, his lovers choose not to discuss them, then there is no reason why I should deliver up their names to the public.