Love Affair

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Drug slang A regional term for cocaine
Vox populi An intimate sexual relationship or episode between lovers, usually understood to mean an extramarital relationship
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Joe Welling's love affair set the town of Winesburg on edge.
Moreover, he had a love affair of large and unusual dimensions and irregular circumstances and the still largely decorous British public learnt with reluctance and alarm that a sympathetic treatment of this affair was inseparable from the exclusive acquisition of the priceless secret of aerial stability by the British Empire.
de Treville listened to the young man's account with a seriousness which proved that he saw something else in this adventure besides a love affair.
love affairs with married men why most women cheat click
You must try to convince your daughters to protect themselves from love affairs.
And how generous of Burton's widow, Sally, to not only give the diaries up but to allow light to be shone once again on one of the most famous celebrity love affairs in history - a love affair between her husband and someone else.
The story interweaves a series of South London love affairs, centring on Stephen and Anna.
Like a cast of survivors from Big Brother or MTV, Back to the Present ploughs through the leftovers of one's childhood and ended love affairs.
Shadow Realities by Herb Haslam is a compelling novel of Knowland Weaver, the brilliant and passionate love of Maia, and the devastating effects of their love affairs disclosure.
This intimate and comprehensive biography unfolds to tell of her life-long love affair with painting, not to mention her other love affairs and, most of all, her friendships.
It's all there - the passionate glances that can't be met, the billowing smoke from countless cigarettes, the bad romantic timing, the unrequited love affairs, Nat King Cole's tender voice providing comfort from the emotional storms - along with a dreamy meditation on memory and the imagination.
However, the target audience may be wider: This book will also appeal to the female readership who enjoy reading love stories, as this story is packed with Gabe's love affairs and it is interesting to see a man's perspective on this issue.