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LOVABLE PAIR: Sally and Knox at the RSPCA centre in Coundon Wedge Drive, Allesley
Sam was a sociable, lovable 11-year-old SAM'S MOTHER RACHEL RIDDALL" Sam was a sociable, lovable 11-year-old SAM'S MOTHER RACHEL RIDDALL
Even the police inspector finds himself cheering for his charming criminal friend, and the audience can't help hoping lovable Bob won't be betrayed by one of his more questionable colleagues.
I really think that's why I was trying to control my weight--I wanted to be perfect so that maybe, just maybe, I'd be lovable to them.
Former wrestler Pat, who played lovable giant "Bomber" Busbridge in the hit BBC comedy, died in a Birmingham hospice yesterday morning.
I felt anything but lovable on my first day home from the hospital.
SITTINGBOURNE's meeting on Sunday produced some exciting finishes, none more so than in the sprint contest in which the 4-5 favourite Lagile Ash scored over Lovable Outlaw and Liams Tune.
For a few days the Canadian media, like their American counterparts, wallowed in sentimental nonsense ("doctor loved to love, loved to live") presenting Slepian as a lovable character without identifying his profession with the killing of human beings.
Writes Conroy about his time in Switzerland: "If these years were in any way memorable, they were so because the consul general was a lovable alcoholic with a 70-year-old Polish mistress, my immediate superior insisted that all correspondence be prepared in the passive voice, and I had to use elaborate subterfuge to wrest control over the visa section from a local Swiss clerk who had delusions of grandeur.
Clearly, their eccentricities are what make them lovable in the first place, but the key to Lowe's work lies in its solipsistic nature.
He wrote for kids about wildlife without using the Bambi formula for making wild critters into lovable little people.
Prickly though she always was also the embodiment of the American spirit and Yankee know-how and in some strange way she was lovable.