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1. a grasping or clasping.
2. popular term for influenza.
devil's grip epidemic pleurodynia.
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Variant of grippe.
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A gene on chromosome 12q13.13 that encodes a protein which is thought to play a role as a localized scaffold for assembling a multiprotein signalling complex and mediating trafficking of its binding partners at specific subcellular sites in neurons.
GRIP1 interacts with EFNB1, EFNB3, EPHA7, EPHB2, FRAS1, GRIA2, GRIA3, GRIPAP1/GRASP1, KIF5A, KIF5B, KIF5C, PLCD4, PPFIA1, PPFIA4, PRLHR, PTPRF, SLC30A9 and liprins-alpha. GRIP1 can form homomultimers or heteromultimers with GRIP2, and a ternary complex with GRIA2 and CSPG4. It interacts with ATAD1 in an ATP-dependent manner—ATAD1-catalysed ATP hydrolysis disrupts binding to ATAD1 and to GRIA2 and leads to AMPAR complex disassembly.
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An acute infectious respiratory disease, caused by influenza viruses; attacks the respiratory epithelial cells and produces a catarrhal inflammation; characterized by sudden onset, chills, fever of short duration, severe prostration, headache, muscle aches, and a cough that usually is dry until secondary infection occurs. The disease commonly occurs in epidemics, sometimes in pandemics; strain-specific immunity develops, but mutations in the virus are frequent, and the immunity usually does not protect against antigenically different strains.
Synonym(s): flu, grip, grippe.
[It. influence (of planets or stars), fr. L. influentia, fr. in-fluo, to flow in]
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HIV-positive men in this study who kept their viral load undetectable all or most of the time lost grip strength more slowly than men whose viral load was detectable more often.
This can only confirm the perception that the Labour Government has been so busy with its own internal turmoil that it has lost grip of running the country."
Upon nearing the shore at 7 p.m., Sierra got off the boat and clutched his children James, Jommel and nine-year-old Jasmine, but he stumbled amid the strong current and lost grip of all of them, police said.
As a result of the sour relations, police has reportedly lost grip on the crime rate, which has increased manifold recently, the paper said.
But the 16-year-old then slipped down the timesheets to sixth fastest when, in the closing minute of the session, the rear wheel of his Respol Honda machine lost grip and then violently regained traction to high-side Smith over on to the bitumen and then into the gravel trap at Coppice corner.
Drivers trying to use Tuttle Hill found it virtually impossible to move in either direction as their vehicles lost grip.
Scotland lost grip of their European youths title in dramatic fashion yesterday.
Meralco lost grip of the game early after TNT staged a 16-3 run.
She lost grip of her friend's arm and instead was left holding on to her hair as she dangled above the A28 near Canterbury, Kent.
"The affairs of the board show that you have lost grip over the things, therefore you should step down as PCB chief," Dasti told Butt during the committee's meeting here.
Half way round the ultra-fast fifth gear Gerrards Bend, Tunstall's front tyre lost grip causing bike and rider to slide off the track at around 100mph.
Zark's Burger-Lyceum lost grip of the game late in the second quarter as Marinerong Pilipino jumped to a 47-35 halftime lead which extended to a 56-39 advantage early in the third quarter.