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Among these three compression methods, lossless compression has received a lot of interest [2-5].
Qin, "Fast Lossless Compression of Seismic Floating-Point Data," 2009 International Forum on Information Technology and Applications, no.
The K4 GZIP lossless compression engine performs real-time compression of Ethernet traffic and is capable of running at the full rate of the modem, greatly increasing satellite link throughput or reducing required bandwidth.
In other words, the property that SPIHT yields progressive transmission with practically no penalty in compression efficiency applies to lossless compression too.
An appendix devoted to lossless compression is also included, in order to leave the reader with a full picture.
Visually lossless compression results in files that are 5% or less of the original file size.
Customers also benefit from Hifn's unique hardware-advantaged, lossless compression that is built-into the card.
The streaming of image data works well with lossless compressed images and helps to overcome the lower compression ratios offered by lossless compression by providing the client with a viewable image very quickly, and then progressively building to full fidelity as additional image data arrives from the server.
We cannot imagine sending e-mail attachments without ZIP lossless compression, downloading Internet audio without MP3 compression, or buying DVDs without MPEG compression.
One of the shortcomings of lossless compression, however, is its limited compression ratio, with a maximum of approximately 5:1.