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Emil, Swiss physician, 1877-1936. See: Looser zones.
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Lewis thinks some poor people with good cases will be discouraged by loser pays because they can't risk an unfair verdict or judgment against them, no matter how unlikely.
And the pair have been crowned the group's Greatest Losers for their success in tackling their weight.
In addition to the weight lost, the biggest losers will win Dh500 for every kilo lost.
Substantially more factors differ significantly between loser shares and the REST as opposed to between winner shares and the REST, as can be seen from Table 2 (Panel B).
) teaser released by Z Living network for the June 13 premiere of "The Big Fat Truth," Roth shares his thoughts on what "The Biggest Loser" did to the six contestants and several others who are struggling with their weight loss journeys.
And yet Beck's "Loser" wasn't just any record about being a loser.
She recalled that when the first season of "Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition" aired last 2011, she thought it to be the perfect show for her to host because she knew she would be able to relate with the contestants.
says, "We're extremely excited to launch the Losers Challenge "I am a loser" campaign.
Week Two, Preliminary semi-finals (PSF) - Game 4: Highest ranked QPO loser v lowest ranked EPO winner.
"I was a bad loser as a player, I was a bad loser as a coach and I'm sure I'll really be a bad loser as a manager or a head coach.
This sample of mergers allows the researchers to use the loser's post-merger performance to construct a counter factual performance of the winner had that firm not won the contest.