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Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.
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Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.
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(lor-dō′sĭs) [Gr lordōsis, a bending backward.]
Anterior convexity of the lumbar spine.
lordotic (-dot′ik), adjective
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The patients showed an increased pelvic tilt in [[degrees]] as well as [mm], a decreased anterior pelvic inclination (dimples [[degrees]] as well as symmetry [[degrees]]), an increased trunk torsion [[degrees]], and a decreased lordotic angle [[degrees]] compared to the healthy controls (Table 2).
A vertebral body or disc with WI more than 100 was considered as a wedged (lordotic) segment.
In a lordotic posture the upper erector spinae have the greatest moment arm of all the lumbar extensors (Daggfeldt and Thorstensson 2003), which allows them to generate a large extensor moment that resists bending forces produced by forward inclination of the trunk (Macintosh and Bogduk 1987).
The thoracic spine has a small canal-to-cord ratio as compared to a wider canal-to-caudaequina ratio in the lumbar spine which is lordotic. In case of the lumbar spine, which has a capacious spinal canal, tuberculous involvement producing upto 60% to 80% canal compromise may not result in neurologic injury (9).
This can lead to swayback (lordotic) posture and to compressed vertebral discs.
* Lordotic curves refer to the inward curve of the lumbar spine (just above the buttocks).
Ex vivo laboratory experiments of the cervical spine have presented evidence to suggest that the cervical spine is able to bear the greatest axial forces when in the natural lordotic position.
Lordotic vertebrae in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) are adapted to increased loads.
Letter A represents the cervical region of the spine and demonstrates the slight lordotic curve present in the normal spine.