lop ear

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outstanding ear

excessive protrusion of the auricle from the head, usually due to failure of the antihelical fold to develop.
Synonym(s): lop ear, protruding ear


Congenital abnormality of the external ear, with poor development of helix and anthelix.
Synonym(s): bat ear
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lop ear

A cosmetic deformity of the earlobe in which the upper portion of the earlobe bows out laterally from the head.
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Bobby, the seven-year-old lop eared rabbit, arrived at the RSPCA Cheshire Altrincham with a long list of medical problems
"The live rabbit is a fairly large tan and black male, also with lop ears. He is very thin."
Breeds in the bunny bonanza include a French Lop, Lionhead, three Himalayans, two Rex, 12 Lop Eared and a wide selection of cross breeds.
For example: "Winner of 8 races from 2 to 4 years, including the St Leger, and runner-up in the 1,000 Guineas and the Oaks, Book Law was a lovely honest lop eared filly, bred and owned by 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor.
The first one had Jar Jar Binks (a grating lop eared alien created by Lucas that seemingly turned everybody's stomach) which just annoyed everybody.
She produced her Brangus heifer calf on June 23 ( yet to be named ( with its characteristic lop ears and pronounced hump on its back.