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Emil, Swiss physician, 1877-1936. See: Looser zones.
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Although the petitioners cannot force parliament's final decision, the populist FPOe, which pushed for looser smoking regulations, has started to take notice.
He said that Imran Khan remained looser in many constituencies in past elections, which he had contested during last 20 years.
Devoney Looser; THE MAKING OF JANE AUSTEN; Johns Hopkins University Press (Nonfiction: Literary Criticism) 29.95 ISBN: 9781421422824
Rick Looser, president and COO of The Cirlot Agency, Inc., was recently inducted into the Arthur W.
Since her first book, First-Person Plural (1964), she has written in a variety of forms ranging from sonnets to traditionally rhymed quatrains to a looser verse form with irregular or random rhymes to free verse.
Skorts combine supportive under shorts with a looser skirt over the top.
What is needed is an exit that will encourage a looser arrangement of a commonwealth of countries attuned to ideas of co-operation and a greater respect and understanding of the economic needs and stability of labour, the producers of wealth; not the diktats trumpeted for the benefit of big business.
Boasting a hodgepodge of strong comic voices riffing their way through underdeveloped characters, writer-director Jeff Baena's second feature after the under-appreciated zombie romantic comedy "Life After Beth" is an altogether looser affair, but rarely to its benefit.
At bedtime, the bandage should be replaced with a looser dressing so that air can circulate around the wound.
"One of the great things about getting older is that you are more comfortable in your own skin - maybe because it's a bit looser" Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who is approaching 50.
With truckload capacity looser than it was a year ago, Casey said that the market for freight has been more competitive based on looser truckload capacity coupled with intermodal service providers augmenting their performance to meet the demands of customers.