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Emil, Swiss physician, 1877-1936. See: Looser zones.
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Exploring such topics, Looser departs from conservative interpretations of Austen as both a literary figure and an individual.
The authors seem to report that switching to looser underwear during the day or wearing nothing at night can improve quality of sperm DNA.
All attendees will have the opportunity to speak with field professionals, including Steve Bougie, Vice President - Web Converting for Midwest Engineered Systems, and John Looser.
LOOSE Women has declared war on a lewd lad's TV show called Looser Women.
THE symptoms of bowel cancer can include blood in your poo or looser poo.
Looser, vice-president emeritus of Houston Baptist University (HBU), presents a story of faith, confidence, courage, and above all else, Providence.
The 'Victoria' by Victoria Beckham dresses, which range from 550 dollars to more than 1,000 dollars, have a looser silhouette and bold colors apart from including a trapeze waist, bows and scalloped edges.
Too much of anything is a bad thing, and we can agree that constant harrowing makes tracks more variable and looser, and worst of all, leads to fewer close finishes.
Just as feminists and scholars in feminist studies piggybacked on the shoulders of anti-racists and scholars in race studies, Devoney Looser here explores possibilities for developing literary "age studies" by piggybacking on earlier methods of analyzing race and gender.
Condecta Group, part of Swiss industrial holding company Looser Holding AG (SWF:LOHN), has agreed to take over local outdoor flooring systems provider Sigrist Platten AG, Looser said today, without revealing the deal price.
Summary: Tunisia stands out among countries in the Middle East and the Maghreb for its looser restrictions on foreign investment, according to a recent World Bank report.
11 December 2009 - Swiss restorative dentistry firm Straumann (SWF: STMN) said today it will propose Roland Hess, Ulrich Looser, Beat Luethi and Stefan Meister for election into the board of directors at its next general meeting.