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1. No longer fixed or fully attached, as a tooth.
2. Not compact or dense in arrangement or structure.
3. Relating to a cough that is accompanied by the production of mucus.
4. Characterized by the unrestrained movement of bodily fluids, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Patient discussion about loose

Q. Is there a medication that I can take for loosing weight? Maybe natural remedies? I would like to loose weight fast.

A. Unfortunately the term “no pain, no gain” should also be changed to ”no pain, no lose” here is an endocrinologist that talk about your question exactly:

Q. Will dancing help to loose my body weight? Hi guys, I am planning to reduce my body weight. Will dancing help to loose my body weight?

A. no doubt!
dancing is a great aerobic exercise. it works on so many groups of muscles and on the cardiopulmonary system. and it has another great virtue- it is a sport you enjoy and it's easy to get in a routine of exercises when you go dancing in a group.

Q. What are good ways to loose weight?

A. the right diet and exercise,avoid diet pills they will help you lose the weight but it will leave you with flabby skin,with the right diet and exercise you can lose it all.

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Space your loose-leaf rows 6 to 12 inches apart, depending on the available space and soil fertility in your garden.
loose-leaf forms you can print on all-weather copier paper
These concoctions of loose-leaf tea and aromatic herbs, fruits and flowers are held together with the tea's essential oils.
Also, the Rutter Group has published "California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial, Statutes of Limitations" is a single volume loose-leaf title that provides information on identifying applicable statutes of limitations and resolving common statute of limitations issues.
Aspen Publishers (New York) has released "Global Patent Litigation," a new loose-leaf information service designed to fill the need for information on the strategy and practical aspects of patent litigation in the major trading countries of the world.
These loose-leaf, herb-infused teas are caffeine-free, and have names like Cold Shoulder and Shush.
Loose-leaf publications accounted for nearly two-thirds of the company's revenues in 2000, but only 40 percent last year.
I wanted people who look like me to experience the joy, flavors, and health benefits of loose-leaf tea.
The two loose-leaf volumes feature the text of all pertinent federal regulations and a glossary of common terms, and they cover accident investigation through litigation.
based Earthbound Farm has rolled out two new organic mache products: loose-leaf Mache in a 3.
The kit contains 15 stories from a variety of cultures and genres, as well as a loose-leaf manual with ideas, activities, resources and advice for teachers.
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