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It consisted of loose connective tissue, interstitial cells, few connective cells, blood vessels and adrenergic nerve fibres in the present study in both active and resting testes (Figs.
The epidermis had typical characteristics, being composed of keratinized, stratified, squamous epithelial tissue, covered by a layer of loose connective tissue with some visible hair follicles.
What was observed under the microscope was loose connective tissue wrapping itself around the acupuncture needle.
Histologic evaluation of the excised specimen revealed polypoid tissue with unremarkable epidermis and hypocellular dermis with loose connective tissue, lacking adnexal structures.
Epithelium Lamina propria Fundic part of Keratinized stratified Loose connective tissue stomach squamous epithelium separating the muscularis mucosae from epithelium, no glands, small capillaries Body of stomach The mucous membrane is Loose connective tissue folded to form gastric with cores of it entering pits.
It had a pleated aspect, consisting of loose connective tissue with few mucous glands and lymphoid nodules constituting the velar tonsil.
Microscopically, the tubular genital organs (uterine tubes and horns, uterus and vagina) were lined with internal epithelium and loose connective tissue at 30 days of pregnancy.
The stroma is made up of loose connective tissue rich in acid mucopolysachharides.
The tunica adventitia is a thin layer of loose connective tissue containing principally collagen fibers (CFs) arranged in circular bundles and a few elastic fibers as well as FBs and macrophages.
It consists of three components: (a) a single layer of squamous epithelial cells, the endothelium; (b) the basal lamina of the endothelial cells; and (c) the suyenciothclinl layer, consisting of loose connective tissue.
The simplest description of deep fascia is dense irregular connective tissue, but more research has shown that it can have a structured organization depending on its location [8] and may also contain layers of loose connective tissue [10].
It was composed of loose connective tissue along with few elastic and reticular fibers, which were arranged parallel to the endocardium.