loose body

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loose bod·y

a solid tissue fragment lying free in a body cavity, especially in a joint or the peritoneal cavity; for example, joint mice, melon-seed body, rice body.

loose body

a fragment of solid tissue in a body cavity or joint. A kind of loose body is a joint mouse.

loose body

a small piece of bone or cartilage within a joint, usually the result of wear and tear and/or trauma. Most common in the knee joint. Symptoms include pain, swelling and stiffness and can result in 'locking' of a joint. If symptomatic, can be surgically removed.

loose body

detached fragment (i.e. cortical bone, cartilage) within joint cavity; can cause severe local pain and impede joint movement

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A. no doubt!
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A biologic alternative to total hip replacement, hip arthroscopy is performed to smooth out the hip, repair a labral cartilage tear or remove a loose body.
Hayes reported on loose body removal in an elderly male with late-stage steroid-induced necrosis, with resolution of mechanical symptoms and pain relief at 20 months.
NAO Limited Edition cosmetics include loose mineral pigment, loose body glitter trio, cheek color, eye color singles and duos, glitter eye pencil, lip color and lip gloss.
Loose body removal has become the most common indication for elbow arthroscopy.
It was felt in this case that the sublabral foramen may have contributed to the patient's pathology and was closed to prevent potentially future loose body production or accumulation.
Table 1 Questionnaire Completed by Patients and Surgeons Your Operation During your operation, surgery was performed upon (please check) The meniscal cartilages The anterior cruciate ligament The articular cartilage (bearing surface of the knee) Patella surface Synovial plica Loose body in the knee Other What was done?