longitudinal tear

lon·gi·tu·di·nal tear

(lon'ji-tū'di-năl tār)
A rip in the articular cartilage roughly parallel to the long axis of the bone.
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"The urethra is fairly efficient at healing, especially if it is a longitudinal tear. We will check to see if a tear has healed spontaneously by doing a urethrogram.
Without our endoscopic technique, when a patient is found to have a longitudinal tear of the FHL under endoscopy, we must choose to either neglect the tear or convert to an open repair.
A MRI showed an attenuated anterior talofibular ligament and a longitudinal tear of the peroneus brevis tendon.
The most common type of medial meniscal tear identified on MRI and arthroscopy was longitudinal tear. Some of the longitudinal tears identified on MRI were not seen on arthroscopy.
Regretfully, we ruptured the membranes in the trachea, which resulted in a longitudinal tear that was approximately 0.8 cm in length.
Complete tear was found in 15 cases (60%); longitudinal tear (L) was found in 13 cases, anterior tear (A) was found in one case, and transverse tear (T) was found in one case.
Probing of the meniscal synovial edge showed complete longitudinal tear from anterior to posterior.
There was a large longitudinal tear in the medial retinaculum (Figure 3) with avulsion of attachments from medial border of patella.
Consequently the PTT can become irritated due to friction against the medial malleolus and subject to a number of pathological changes such as avulsion, longitudinal tear, or rupture of the mid tendon substance.
These combine a longitudinal tear and a transverse tear.
Repair is definitely feasible when a traumatic vertical longitudinal tear is within the vascular zone.
A complete medial discoid meniscus with a partial longitudinal tear in red zone of the body and posterior horn was found.