longitudinal ligaments

lon·gi·tu·di·nal lig·a·ments

one of two extensive fibrous bands running the length of the vertebral column: the anterior longitudinal ligament and the posterior longitudinal ligament.
See also: anterior longitudinal ligament, posterior longitudinal ligament.
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It often takes the form of a spondylitis characterized by asymmetric thickening and calcification of the longitudinal ligaments of the spine, resulting in asymmetric syndesmophytes on imaging.
All musculature was removed carefully, leaving ligamentous structures intact, including the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments, intraspinous ligaments, and the ligamentum flavum.
Nash and Moe's 1969 study took the center of rotation as the line of the posterior longitudinal ligament based on their own experiments [10] and Roaf's theories [11].
They concluded that the center of rotation was near the line of the posterior longitudinal ligament.
MRI confirmed multiple levels of vertebral body involvement from T7 to T10 with soft-tissue masses extending under the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments (Fig.
The major subaxial ligaments include the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments and the posterior ligamentous complex (PLC).
Anterior longitudinal ligament injuries in whiplash may lead to cervical instability.
Resuspend the apex of the vagina to the level of the ischial spine by using the proximal part of the uterosacral ligaments or longitudinal ligaments on or just below the promontory of the sacrum.

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