longitudinal ligament

lon·gi·tu·di·nal lig·a·ment

(lon'ji-tū'di-năl lig'ă-mĕnt)
One of two extensive fibrous bands running the length of the vertebral column: the anterior longitudinal ligament and the posterior longitudinal ligament.
Synonym(s): ligamentum longitudinale [TA] .
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[2,3] Ossified posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL) represents ossification along posterior aspect of vertebral bodies either as continuous or discrete forms causing narrowing of cervical spinal canal and compression of the cervical cord.
- Posteriorly: Anterior longitudinal ligament, sacral promontorium and anterior part of the sacrum,
The ligamentous structures (interspinous ligament, posterior longitudinal ligament and ligamentum flavum) and membranes (dura mater) are less hyperechoic.
He had a wife and a minor son.<br />The plaintiff had a spine condition known as ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, or OPLL, which causes severe cervical stenosis and impingement of the spinal cord.
No transverse branches were seen between the cervical IVVP components in the foal, but other venous branches or anastomoses were observed at the level of the intervertebral space on the dorsal longitudinal ligament. In one adult horse transverse connections were observed between the cervical IVVP components.
Although the procedure has been modified over the years, the principles of using an implanted strengthening material to permanently attach the apex to the anterior longitudinal ligament at the sacrum has proven to be a highly effective and safe treatment, establishing it as the gold standard for apical prolapse repair.
No other injuries were noted including no injury to the posterior longitudinal ligament or posterior annulus fibrosus of C1-2 (Figures 3 and 4).
Type 2 shows similar MRI findings to type 1, but it is associated with spondylosis or ankylosis of the cervical segment and ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament. In type 3, ROP is sustained by a C2-C3 disc herniation, which penetrates the posterior longitudinal ligament and migrates upward to the retroodontoid space [17].
From the anterior approach, release consists of dissection of the anterior longitudinal ligament, resection of osteophytes and bone bridges, and thorough discectomy, including dissection of the posterior longitudinal ligament when necessary.
Myelopathy is either caused by developmental canal stenosis or occurs as result of opacification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL), central disc herniation, osteophytes and listhesis3 (figure 1).
Sacral colpopexy, a surgical treatment for middle compartment defects, connects the uterus or the top of the vagina with the sacral anterior longitudinal ligament by bridging grafts.
(1) The hemorrhage is typically bounded by the tectorial membrane, the cephalad continuation of the posterior longitudinal ligament, and is constrained by the ligamentous attachment at the posterior C2 vertebral body from any inferior extension.

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