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Crawford Williamson (1815– 1878). American physician, born at Danielsville, Georgia, who in 1842 administered ether to a patient before removing a neck tumor, the first recorded use of an anesthetic in surgery.


John H., U.S. physician, 1856-1927. See: Long coefficient, Long formula.

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Q. how long should rehab be? if someone has been alcoholic for only a few months, how long should rehab take?

A. i'm not an expert but i had the chance to work with drug addicted. from what i know it really depends on the patient. You can be an addict for 12 years or 12 months- you need to go threw phases in order to go on. some time you move a phase very quickly and sometimes you get stuck in one phase…

Q. How long does Viagra's effect last? My Husband got Viagra from his Doctor and wants to start taking it. How long does the effect last?

A. Here is a link to a video that answers your question:

Q. Are long flights dangerous? I'm flying next week to my vacation, and the flight is going to be rather long (almost 16 hours non-stop). Several years ago, my 75 years-old aunt had blood clot in her lung after a flight of similar length. I also heard that during flight the blood in the legs clots and that it can cause after that problems with the lungs and breathing. Does this mean it's dangerous for me to fly? Should I change my ticket to shorter connection flights?

A. Do other relatives of yours have blood clotting problems too, like your aunt? You should tell a doctor about the problem your aunt had and ask if it's genetic.

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Ebrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor at Sharjah Planetarium, said: "On the longest day of the year, residents will fast for 15 hours and 18 minutes.
The flight between Doha and Auckland would become the longest in the world -- eclipsing the current record holder by 800 kms.
Steve Fellows took the PS50 longest fish prize from zone 1 with a 39cm flounder and the PS50 for the longest total length in the zone went to Chris Stephens, from Porthcawl, with 184cm.
What does this mean for the longest words typable on each row?
410 kilograms while the longest recorded an official length of 76 centimeters, both of which were entered by Camacho.
Saudi nights are at their shortest and daytimes are at their longest around the summer solstice," said Mustafa, adding that the shortest day of 2014 will occur on December 21 or 22, exactly six months from now.
Here in the UK, we could expect to experience around 17 hours of daylight on the longest day - which is handy when there is so much to do in the garden.
The 18-year-old Russian beauty had recently hit the headlines with what were thought to be the world's longest legs for a woman, measuring to 42 inches, the Daily Star reported.
David Eden, 26, of Denton Burn, said: "I'm a butcher for John Eden and sons - this is my longest job.
com/2013/03/06/mason-hoops-assistant-coach-holds-longest-legs-record/) Falls Church News-Press , 41-year-old Pankratova has the longest female legs in the world, measuring 4-feet-4 of her 6-foot-5 frame.
The match, Djokovic's third straight Grand Slam win, lasted 5 hours, 53 minutes, which was also the longest singles match at the Australian Open.
According to data analysed by TomTom HD Traffic, the worst stretch was from Junction 17 in Bucks/Herts round to Junction 9 in Surrey, which accounted for five of the longest delays - all occurring between 5.