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Crawford Williamson (1815– 1878). American physician, born at Danielsville, Georgia, who in 1842 administered ether to a patient before removing a neck tumor, the first recorded use of an anesthetic in surgery.
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John H., U.S. physician, 1856-1927. See: Long coefficient, Long formula.
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Q. how long should rehab be? if someone has been alcoholic for only a few months, how long should rehab take?

A. i'm not an expert but i had the chance to work with drug addicted. from what i know it really depends on the patient. You can be an addict for 12 years or 12 months- you need to go threw phases in order to go on. some time you move a phase very quickly and sometimes you get stuck in one phase…

Q. How long does Viagra's effect last? My Husband got Viagra from his Doctor and wants to start taking it. How long does the effect last?

A. Here is a link to a video that answers your question:

Q. Are long flights dangerous? I'm flying next week to my vacation, and the flight is going to be rather long (almost 16 hours non-stop). Several years ago, my 75 years-old aunt had blood clot in her lung after a flight of similar length. I also heard that during flight the blood in the legs clots and that it can cause after that problems with the lungs and breathing. Does this mean it's dangerous for me to fly? Should I change my ticket to shorter connection flights?

A. Do other relatives of yours have blood clotting problems too, like your aunt? You should tell a doctor about the problem your aunt had and ask if it's genetic.

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Lubovitch's Meadow, danced to music by four different composers, can be said to have gotten off the ground only in its closing moments, when Sandra Brown was lifted off the shoulder of her long-suffering partner, Keith Roberts, by some unseen wires.
People who announce that they have no choice but to provide deficient care, she said, do no favors for their residents, themselves, or the long-suffering long term care field.
This nightmare of a wife gets killed off in a subsequent episode, liberating her long-suffering husband.
For long-suffering taxpayers, the Balanced Budget Amendment looked like the last hope for avoiding disaster.
But their conclusion is nothing long-suffering passengers could not have told them already.
But God is "long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."
RAB C Nesbitt's long-suffering wife has come out fists-up in support of the Scottish Nationalists.
Married Charisse praises the Lord and is abusive to her husband and daughter--but she's about to get a taste of her own medicine when her long-suffering husband rebels.
LONG-SUFFERING Polish fan Jan Prusinski is suing national coach Pawel Janas for emotional trauma induced by watching Poland's 2-0 defeat to Ecuador.
Mind you, none of the long-suffering fans needed Prozone to tell them that Bruce's tactics and player purchases were all wrong.
FRANK HADDEN heads into his first RBS Six Nations campaign as Scotland's head coach determined to give the "long-suffering" fans something to smile about.
Long-suffering residents plagued by cost-cutting jet-setters who park outside their homes have had their pleas answered.